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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ampatuan Arms Cache Build-up Unearth; Where is Intelligence? Where is justice?


The Ampatuans is secretly building up brigades of political army that could have become another threat group added to Abu Sayyaf, MILF or MNLF, aside from other existing criminal elements already operating in Mindanao. This was evidenced by the recent discovery, or re-discovery of the arsenal that was kept secret. If this arsenal could have been left out of sight, there is great possibility that the Ampatuan clan could have been another threat in Mindanao.


But, one thing that surprise is that: How does it happened that the Ampatuans were able to gather this large number of arms without the knowledge of the authorities? Was there a presidential authority that would allow the ARMM elected officials to do so? How is it that the intelligence community in the area were not able to discover it, not until this grisly massacre occurred?


Who is the big or small white cow(s), horse(s), carabao(s), rhinoceros, or whatever monster we can describe that allowed such build-up happened at the very tip of the nose of our authorities? I’m sure that there were gathered intelligence but it was all classified for security reasons. Or, the authorities in Manila are knowing, but they could not move, because the very source of authority that could thwart such build-up kept mum about it or would not listen to critical advises that our military officers are secretly reporting. Whatever is the reason(s) behind such fiasco is up to the conscience of the people who are supposedly responsible in preventing it to happen.


Now, I can only imagine how political power can influence military power. People in civilian authority can overpower people in military authority even to the extent of putting the whole country into a total disintegration. Threats in Mindanao exist because someone up in the ladder of authority totally disregarded it, or even allowed the brutal killings of 57 persons which opened up a Pandora box that smells of the rottenness of the people holding power in Mindanao.


Or, this cache of firearms was a preparation for the long desire of our Muslim brothers to get separated from the main stream of the corrupt Manila power and gain independence by force. This is not a way-out scenario that we can draw given these events. Or was there any agreement that settles the score of separatist ideals in cahoots with those in the cudgel of leadership? Whatever it may have been, that’s long a way that our domestic watchdog, the NBI, will have to make up or draw with the help of our faithful intelligence operatives.


This is one typical example of gross negligence, or let’s say, intelligence failure on the part of the authorities. We don’t really know the real score of this, but a lot scenarios can be drawn out of this event, such that the ARMM is being utilized to build-up a political force that will push our national government to get off Mindanao. There are a lot of “or” and “either” means that we can make in view.


At this point time, the National Bureau of Investigation,  with the help of our National Intelligence Bureau, must be given the big task of tracing up what caused this fiasco. The Department of Justice and its operating arm, the NBI, must be re-armed to the teeth so that even “big cows or holy carabaos” will be indicted in the court of law and be brought to justice.


I believe that Congress must take legislative action to make our Department of Justice the last edge of keeping up our justice system a soul of independence that not even a President can make up to obstruct justice. There is a need to professionalize the NBI law enforcers, extensive training and many others; it must instill the very high spirit of decency and integrity that we all desire---the spirit of justice.


Long before this part of our historical pages, there were a lot of injustices already felt even at the mainstream of our society. It involves people abusing power; and lots of our law enforcers were just a tiny bits and dashes of these laws that our lawmakers have brilliantly been composed; and NBI should have been the big wave of it. And I think they are not today.


I believe that the main law enforcer of this grisly killing must be handled by our National Bureau of Investigation who has all the expertise of uncovering hidden motives behind every wall of political influence. Let us allow them to work independently, just like the FBI of the United States, until such time that justice is served. Whatever happens, the spirit of justice lays upon the political sentiment that our Congress can bring; and in the “Office of the President” to exercise a political will to do it, and do it well.


I really believe in our democratic system. Though, a lot of loopholes and entanglements can be observe in every step of the way, one day we will realize that we already achieved a great height of our endeavor of becoming a holy and just society that the world can see and believe.


Finally, I should like to say, that justice must be served to the victims of this political abuse. We must not allow that patronage will  influence justice; and instead, allow the course of law hammers at the great anvil of the truest meaning of just and holier Philippine society.


I still believe we can. I know this is utopia, but we are drawing into it. Get Paid to Take Surveys

GMA, problems, politics and political debate, Chump guns for the next election


Like any other way, the old-fashioned way of right choice is political debate, however, it seems that Filipino people is fond of “Band-Aid” solutions to the economic problems instead of a sure and long-way of resolving it. In times of crisis, they can gather all resources available and resolve the problems in their own way of showing the likes of “charity”, “help”, “assistance”, and others similar to it. And mind you, they are gunning already for re-election, or just the fun of it, before campaign begins, and before election ends!


Some if not all, like to see their own at a very instance to having it their way, instead of viewing it in a collective manner in which all can be benefited.  Though some of course, did their best of attaining extra-ordinary feat, but the inward desire is to get the attention of many for a recognition or whatever purposes it may have been for their own benefit. It’s like: “I’ll do this because the world is watching” or “We better do our part and unleash the hero within because one day people will recognize our works and it will surely turn to our most advantage”; and many other more motives which sometimes fashioned in the form of charity, but later becomes a greed or otherwise.


Today, in the history of Philippine politics, one of this type has come up a long way silently and now an apparent show up of the real meaning of intent in the heart. Certainly, like the great “mocking bird clothe in chameleon’s disguise” who is now determined to pursue her (bad) dreams of becoming the ex-president who becomes a congresswoman; or may be later, becomes a governor, or may be would slide down to becoming a town mayor or a barangay captain. She would not settle any more less than a chief executive. She offered that she’d like to help her people and represent them in congress, however, a lot of people have seen the real motive of it. Her lust for power did not end by one term, but greed came out of her senses thinking that may be this time, someone need to go beyond the traditional lines of politics.


How in the world could you imagine that there is that someone who can transcend herself beyond the bounds of normal template; and carry over within a secret lust much even more superior than sensuality or shamelessness. Whichever is appropriate, the action taken signifies callousness and in total disregard of “symbolism” or not even the world “traditional” can proscribe the real meaning of the word itself.


These questions can be asked:

“Is Mikey not enough to deliver the basic services that people really wanted to have in the 2nd District of Pampanga?”


“ What does Mikey can’t do that only a Gloria can do for the people of Pampanga?”


“Is nine years in the presidency not enough so that GMA would still want to become a congresswoman? or, is it something greater than that?”


On the other hand, there is this proposal of splitting the first district of Camarines Sur into two, making all in all five districts in the province. But there are moves to declare it unconstitutional because the population of one of the districts does not reach 250,000.


Many believe that the splitting of the first district is only to accommodate Congressman Dato Arroyo to have his own congressional lot. And maybe someday, when he would become president, he could come back to his district just like her mother. Who knows? Another Arroyo is making fun again of the “Office of the President”. 


But, some people don’t think that Congressman Dato Arroyo can do that. Gloria is different than Dato, they say. Other  people say that he is more sensitive than his mother. He was even called by some as the “black sheep” of the family. And he has nothing to do with the decision made by his mother nor his brother Mikey. People believe he is different. He has done a lot for everyone. He is young, progressive, and dynamically capable. This is what ordinary people say when you interview them about Congressman Dato Arroyo and I believe them.


Now, what can we make up to those we expect before and after the election comes to an end? In what common ground that our expectations can meet with others? or that platform of governance can be tackled in an appropriate venue of political perspective?


Political debate, the say, can bring out the best in every candidate. It can give people ample time to realize among themselves what these candidates can bring about when get elected. This opportunity can also provide a wider scope in the avenue of issues and concerns that are well researched by the staff of the candidates; and even formulated the best approach to it with careful outlook of a future prosperity that they may be able to bring while in office.


At this time, these candidates are readying the fun fares that they can bring to amuse or attract the people to their own turf. Of course, the number instrument which is money is now being accounted for and name tags in every duffle bag has already been pinned and clipped. All guns up!


Political debate or money, people don’t care about it. Just give it to them and all the rest is theirs. Thus, candidates and people are teaming up for a great grab. It’s for one season only! There’s that another season to come. So, strike the iron while still hot. Make use of your one vote to gain a few or many bucks. Anyway, these candidates when get elected would think of re-election; so, both favors and flavors can dance a long way.


As for me, I just write because I kind of concern about many things; or even dare about it. Whichever is the motive, people must think that the offices where they put people in charge, must be filled in with those who are competent enough to render governance.


And as for GMA, I don’t think so. We better watch out! There is more greater things than oblivious. You  just have to be chump about it…anyway, everybody does it.


Me? I would just like to write about it. So, read. Get Paid to Take Surveys

Monday, November 30, 2009


Ordinary people like me wonder why GMA still wants to hang on to power by condescending as if she is the only hope of the country who can run the machines of governance while disconcertingly maligning the sacred office in which she was elected, or let’s say erroneously elected(?). I can’t also imagine how the seemingly ignorance of the people of the 2nd district of Pampanga about the real agenda of this political mockery was manipulated by a powerful few short-sighted individuals to recommend their beloved president rushing down like mudslide ruining every bit of her accomplishment into a dilapidated fiasco! (Madness...deceit...really bad...)

I believe this is purely madness! I admire Mrs. Arroyo for being a strong woman president of this Philippine Republic; but, I just can’t accept the way she made up her mind by pretending to be “a champion for the poor and to work to uplift the economy by working in a position closer to the people.” Funny is it? The first woman president bringing down the “Office of the President” into a laughing stack. If she has the urge to run for congress, she should have resigned from office first before declaring it and give the people a breathing air, if she still has the “delicadeza”. But, I don’t think she would do it, she already had started it.

At present, GMA is utilizing the power of the Office of the President to heighten up her plans for congress to the total deprivation of the Filipino people.

Is this fair or unfair? I don’t think so, either answer spells out evil.

It’s all upon the minds of the people. I also think that those short-sighted people behind the proposition of making a president turn into a congressman didn’t see the consequential effect of mockery that will clothe the sacred “Office of the President.” I should like to say that Pres. Arroyo doesn’t really love the country and the office that symbolizes it. She loves her own and she certainly love it most.


By this time, I felt remorseful of this consequence. For the first time in the history of the country, I saw the mockery of this Office being spluttered at the very face of the very people who voted her (is it, really?); and people deserves a greater power or a better perspective to dispels such mockery! (For another three terms or three years in congress? After congressman, governor? Thence, mayor? about us?...hey, meron pa... Barangay Captain.....Okey, get it all!)

I believe that family dynasty is rigging our politics every steps of the way. If at all, every politician plans to do this. This is much more than political suicide. And I know people will vote this kind of people because they wanted to have a comforter for their own greed of attention and help. (Money talks. Ngek!...)

These short-sighted people should realize that when GMA mocks the office, the parties attached to her, are also mocking it. This is some kind of a chain-reaction, one breaks the rest follows. If at all, every president elected wants to become congressman after the term of office; how many more presidents to come that the same precedent will occur? I now believe that power really corrupts.

I can see how difficult it will be for the Filipino people to choose from among “political artists”. These artists come to you now because they needed your vote; they handshake you now, because he’d like to be known; they smile to you now because that’s what they’ve used to; they’ll walk a sacrifice to reach out to those unknown to them. However, in the end, the loser is the people.

Oh gosh...what a pain in the head!

Of all people, why GMA? I’m sorry, I should say, GMA is a mocker and a pretender. I admire her before but I’d like to despise her now. I don’t know if this is right, forgive me,but I say again, she is a pretender; a big "mocking bird clothe in chameleon's fancy disguise" in the history of Philippine politics, just like many others of her kind, if she would pursue her plan. I don’t believe her any longer. She is making a fool out of her fellowmen. Are we ignorant? Or are we just unlettered? Which is true is abhorable. And I abhor her. Of course, I abhor myself, too. I just realize now that voting for her was a big mistake! (I did spank my own face for this...pak!)

Anyway, so much with the great mocker(s). I just hope that they will be awakened by their own senses. (Nadaya tayo...Kapal muk's pala sila)

I was able to see the bonanza specials that presidentiables have prepared to dramatically come around at the COMELEC office to file their certificates of candidacy. I hope that whoever wins the May 2010 presidential elections will not be tempted by the same evil influence that bug down GMA’s senses.

This time, I can see that 2010 will be the determining factor this year of great mockery in Philippine politics! If this would be so, GMA’S POWER GREED CAN CRUSH LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD INTO ZERO-LANDING ZONE; NACIONALISTA PARTY AND LIBERAL PARTY WILL TUG EACH OTHER TO WIN.

GMA? Let her do it alone by herself and her cohorts. I don’t care her mock. It’s a free country, you know. (buwaahahahahahayaaaaaaa...crazy... really I was crazied!) Get Paid to Take Surveys