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Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Floyd Mayweather’s fear of defeat started it all to defame Manny Pacquiao by making up lots of unpredictable stories if only to win back the attention of the entire watching world. This psychological war of words was protracted and well planned so as to show that the Filipino boxer is a cheater and wins fight by taking performance enhancing drugs or steroids.

Sometimes people like the Mayweathers blow the horn of deceits against their opponents to hide their own deceits. Their defaming words against Pacquiao surely show their ignorance of defeat and only intended to boost the pride of undefeatedness and surmounts the greed of winning. Floyd Mayweathers lust of fame surely brought his downfall in this array. He could have simply refused the fight for some reasons, instead of resorting to a worldwide smear campaign against Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s anger against Mayweather can be seen by the entire world as just and within the bounds of indefatigable patience as a result of consistent smear and defamation. During the Pacquiao-Hatton Fight, the Mayweather camp get started the campaign; and as sign of support to Hatton, Mayweather Snr. was outspoken against the skills and abilities of Pacquiao on beating Hatton in the ring. The tone of his smear was sort of degrading the Filipino fighter while uplifting a Briton to the hilt. Oh he was the trainer of Hatton, and I’m sure, he’s been very busy trying to make up a fight plan to win. However, his skills and abilities as a trainer turned to naught.

Now, he is simply afraid of Pacquiao fighting his son, Mayweather Jnr. because, he witnessed first hand the boxing prowess of Pacquiao on the night of the fight; and he thinks his son have no match against Pacquiao, and I believe, this resorted to this much defamation campaign to kill short Pacquiao’s fame and winning momentum.

Psychologically, the Mayweather Camp has won the lot initially and even startled the whole world when they demanded for an Olympic-style drug test.  They doubted the drug-testing capability of the Nevada Boxing Commission which would surely implicate this institution to all of the winning streaks of Pacquiao and would certainly open the curtain of disbeliefs, even to the whole wide world, that other Sports Commissions can be condemned as a chain reaction of this unpredictable fiasco.

Boxing before was less in fame until Pacquiao come to view. Mayweather has in the surge of his career when he retired. It was a very suspicious matter. And many believed, it was in this time that the deceit might have occurred. He went on retirement undefeated and now engaged in an oral defamation on a much famed fighter of all times, still undefeated.

If  I were on Pacquiao’s Camp, I will file a suit that will account every deceit that the Mayweathers have done against those fighters he defeated every cent of defeats and deceits they’ve been trying to throw off against Pacquiao. But, I know that this thing is impossible because Mayweather Jnr. already rejuvenated into a new fighter but different performance can be observed as he fought before when he took his retirement; and I think, Pacquiao’s Camp must get started to re-evaluate Mayweather performance before, thence, push through an extensive investigative search whether this theory is true or not.

Whatever might be the result of this law suit against the Mayweather Camp, the image of Pacquiao has already been smeared and defeated in the sight of the skeptics and cynical. The hero image of Pacquiao is now put to the test, and I just hope that everything will be fine after.

Finally, I’d like to conclude that boxing fame is earned by hard work and self-discipline; many faltered because of pride and hungry of undefeatedness. This will come to Mayweather surely in due time and his smear campaign will turn back to him when the fight against Pacquiao will come around in spite of all the odds the latter has sustained.

I know Pacquiao can overcome even the worst mouth-twisted boxer of all times. God knows it. Hail to Pacquiao!!!

To Manny, just keep the faith. It’s your only armor against the evil-mouthed former pound-for-pound boxer of all times. The whole Filipino nation will support you. You are the Hero of all Times!!!

Mayweather is what?…sissy? No, I don’t think so. He is just afraid of defeat. Get Paid to Take Surveys



Just recently the COMELEC released the names of 8 presidentiables and 8 vice presidentiables as well as the 58 senatorial candidates. Meaning to say, the COMELEC is intend to trim down the number of candidates for the highest and second positions, and senators of the land to facilitate their main objective of computerizing the results of election, both national and local. It dismayed a lot of low profile or no-profile-at-all candidates charging COMELEC is delimiting the number of candidates just for the purpose of easy and immediate determination of the winners come May 2010. Possibly true!

To the constitutionalists, such COMELEC move deprives other aspirants; to lawyers, it outrightly misjudge the person; to the skeptics, it certainly is the need, but not an assurance of no-cheating scheme; the doubters do not trust the machines in counting the votes and also cynical about the teachers who will serve as election officers. However to party volunteers, it would be a lost opportunity for earning.

Election is employment time. A lot of candidates field out their pool of volunteers (or paid volunteers) to protect their votes; and the so-called non-partisan groups clad in future political inclinations will swarm the way while warring to win the attention of the media. Well, do not discount the soothsayers and black propagandists streaming their way in to get the attention of their friends-candidates, and fit in their way to be “rapid talkers” and “flood surfers”.

What are rapid talkers and flood surfers? Well, let me give you some definitions on these new clip words.

Rapid talkers are tipsy drinkers. They are composed of at least three or four persons. One talks while others listen and take notes while distributing pamphlets. They pretend to know their candidates good enough. Make up good stories to boost the esteem of their party or candidates. They collect information for each of their candidates and ask permission to add up his own ideas. When all is approved, they pronounce in rapid talk (to minimize time) every bit of information they have. By the end of the day, rapid talkers collectively recall and evaluate every word they remember about last night’s presentation. By the beginning of a new presentation, adjustments will be made to make it up the other night’s errors or mistakes. You know, rapid talkers plan every word to beat time. They are either the candidates themselves or otherwise.

Flood surfers are researchers and “goods” deliverer. We can call them as pawn workers, the bargainers, negotiators, or night emissaries. They identify leaders of the opposing party, conducts background investigation, search weaknesses before surfing in to win the heart of these identified leaders. Sometimes, we can call them as “intimidators” or “predators”. The goods that they usually bring with them are either “money in the envelop” or “relief goods” whichever is appropriate in a certain hostile political arena where the opposition is strong. We can call them also as the “sharks” or “leeches” who keep the flood of money or goods for their own and let alone their candidates lose in the race.

By the way, rapid talkers and flood surfers can be rolled into one. We call them the expert predators of candidates. They are in chameleon’s cunning disguise.

Just recently I conducted a personal random survey on friends, ordinary people who are frequently involve during elections, with this question: Anong nahihiling mo sa kada eleksyon? (What do you think you see every election?) And you know what they say? Well, sit tight, I’ll tell you. Here are the five common answers:

A vendor when ask about the May 2010 election responded with a full-blown smile and said: “Darayaan naman, anong labot ko” (It’s cheating time again! Anyway, who cares? ” A tricycle driver also shared his experience by saying: “Mabaha naman an perak. Maray man, ta makabawi lamang kita. Pirme na sanang sinda, kita na man daw.” (Money will flood. It’s good, we can claim payback. It’s always them, it’s us this time.) A port worker when asked, he said: “Aw, kun siisay an may perak, seguradong gana! Mayo man pobreng minagana sa eleksyon.” (Well, whoever got the money, surely wins! Poor people don’t win elections.) A fisherman quips this way: “Maski siisay an ikaag mo sa pangogobyerno, mayo man kanultulan an gobyerno ta. Anas nanggad kurakot. Aw inda!” (Whoever is elected, there is nothing good in our government. Everyone is corrupt. Aw forget it!) A professional public school teacher shared his experience: “Puruyatan naman, tapos darayaan. Tapos libakon pa kaming iyo an paradaya. Mayong padumanan. Tultol ka, libakon kang raot; kun raot, inoomaw ka. Ribong baga ang eleksyon! (It’s sleeping late, and cheating. Then they’d accuse you a cheater. There is no direction. When you are good, they say you are evil; when you are evil, you are adored. Election is crazy thing!)

I believe everything they said is true. I just wonder when was the last time that there was a clean and honest election taken place in our country, local or national. As I can see today and the very first day that I casted my vote in a voting place in an election for Kabataang Barangay (KB) before, elections is marred with lots of genuine cheating spell. Everybody is involved except a few who dared not. Even the last election for Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) overshadowed a traditional cheating spree from every corner of every small unit, the family, of our society. The youth is aware and possibly they are learning good enough to engage themselves in politics as well.

When the father or mother runs for elective position, a son or daughter, runs for a lower position. Dynamism in political exercises is in the blood of everyone. When the father learns the technique of winning, it is shared to everyone in the house. Politics, as they say, is a good business venture aside from getting into your stream the fame, power, and influence. When you are good at it, then, you can make up your own dynasty. Every birth of a child of a politician, surely become a politician someday; every wedding occasion, child baptism, anniversaries and parties, are great opportunities to settle votes. Every activity is great opportunity. What else?

Anyway, I’d like to remind you, you can be a politician just as long as you qualify the COMELEC’s standard or as provided for by law.

The May 2010 elections? Let’s get to it. And yet, let us build a point of preponderance, whoever wins get the head.

Good heavens! Get Paid to Take Surveys



Today, a lot of people, even in the whole world, are formulating and reformulating their own New Year’s resolutions each according to the situations they are in.  A scenario or lots of scenarios are being drawn along the way or even written in their respective journals and diary; in view, good ideas come up from worst experiences.

People in all walks of life always dream prosperity, or say, convenience, good jobs, permanent homes, great income, great events, parties, and many more. They built their own outlook of prosperity as means of living life and in attaining happiness. But all is utopia!

2009 is a year of disasters; a year of pains, heartaches, and a season of trials and tribulations among the Filipino people.  There were extraordinary events and unusual choices in each of the individual while the year is about to end. What capped all of these events are the grisly massacre in Maguindanao in November and the recent capsized M/V Baleno-9 ferry off Verde Island in Batangas in December, and many spits of political killings from north to south, and of course, Mayon’s troubled silence. As these events went off in the air, people are blaming each other with pinpointing fingers to whom it may concern.

However, 2009 is also a year of good things. The peso strength against dollar, an increase in employment opportunities, a sustained foreign remittances from OFWs, the last quarter’s increase in business activities in all sectors, Filipinos received awards from their own different talents and good ideas in action, Manny Pacquiao named as the First Filipino Pound-for-Pound King in Boxing in the whole world; and most of all, election tide is sizzlingly hot!

In my view, these events happened because they are necessary to plan the year 2010.

Just recently, the National Government happily announced the approval of the 2010 National Budget days before the end of 2009. What a record! Efficiency in governance is quite impressive this time; and I would not want to compare it years passed. It is a great achievement for our Congress. I don’t care whatever is the motive behind the immediate approval of the budget. For me, it only means something much great than expected. It means that governance can be achieved when choice is put into a right track.

I wish to greet our Congress, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

When Congress is swift in their legislative actions, we can expect many good things will happen in 2010.

I’d like to cite a few good things that we can expect to happen in 2010:

1.  COMELEC can pursue its own objective to fully implement the computerization of the elections because it can immediately implement the use of funds allotted for the purpose without legislative hitches that may come around.

2. JUSTICE & LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES can perform well because the budget they need can be drawn out easily from the coffers of the government to secure, sustain and maintain National Security.

3. EXECUTIVE & LEGISLATIVE INSTRUMENTALITIES of the National Government has all the open options to make use of the budget to benefit the great number of their clientele.

4. LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS from Barangay, Municipal, and Provincial levels will certainly perform well also because the budget they need will be guaranteed by the National Government. So, whatever financial accruals they incurred in 2009 can be paid in the first quarter of 2010.

5. BANKING & BUSINESS will increase activity; financial transactions will increase; but, the bulk of it will be withdrawals.

6. PEOPLE & POLITICIANS will be very busy campaigning and employment at this time will surge.

7. SHOWBIZ & TALENTS will climb new heights.

8. MEDIA, NGOs, and POs will be vigilant.

9. FIRECRACKERS will blow at 12:00 midnight of December 31.


I believe all of these events will highlight the whole year of 2010. But of course, opposite things may happen. So, we can expect the worst out of many good things to happen.

Anyway, my view is that 2010 will be prosperous according to our choice. When we believe that it would be so, it can happen at anytime of the year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Get Paid to Take Surveys