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Thursday, January 08, 2009


The illegal drug business in the Philippines tagged the country as the Number 1 illegal drug users in all of Asia. This was revealed by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) which many believed to be the most credible drug enforcement agency in the country today.

PDEA likewise revealed the many failures of convicting drug lords and traffickers because of the many resilient or if not, apparent disregard of the Department of Justice of prosecuting these drug criminals; and the latter always invoke the Supreme Court rulings and doctrines on cases like these. This is one of the many unpalatable justifications of the DOJ making the technical aspects of the case work out to the disarray and dismay of the drug enforcement agencies long-time conduct of investigations and surveillance of the subjects. It has been a long-time problem of technicalities, but the DOJ had enough time to study the case and pursue it with all rapidity to convict these criminals.

In short, the prosecuting attorney or higher officials of the DOJ have "no balls" to go after these criminals, by making the technicalities of the case as a short-listed scapegoats, in spite of the evidences presented or even these drug animals were already caught in a buy-bust operation.

This time, PDEA stood well and well enough to fight back against the seasonal tide of injustice in all its operatives. Families of the victims of these drug syndicates are now braving to fill out the laxity of the authorities who are seating in the swivel chairs of their offices and are not even engaged in the actual counteraction operations; and in the result of the operation, they would invoke the technical aspects of the case which would eventually turn out to the best interest of the accused; and not to the law enforcers who sacrificed 24 hours a day just to do their very best to do their duly mandated duties and responsibilities to capture these notorious animals.

PDEA claimed that there are bribes going on at the top rank of the ladder in our law enforcement agencies or in the justice department.

As you would keenly notice, the Alabang Boys are sons of big names in our political stream. They live in exclusive subdivisions where local authorities are even afraid to conduct investigation because these people are living the comfort of their elite status in our society.

Accordingly, some of our drug authorities are afraid of these people because they are moneyed. They can buy mercy and justice, and have the courage to face the very lies of their own lives and turn the weather bureau of justice to their own means and caprices. They have great influence over the political leadership, or even the main stream hall of justice. They have also well-paid attorneys who can bend the truth to become lies and lies to become truth by their own means of cunning shrewdness in legal technicalities and procedures. They can make black to white and white to black, or even command the authorities to spill out their justice, by writing their own release orders and allow the head of the DOJ just signed for their own advantage. For sure, they have this expertise and diligence of bending the laws.

Congress on the other hand, did not spoil the heat, naturally conducted hearings, again, “in aid of legislation”. Hurrah! Nice timing. Now the case of the Alabang Boys has two venues in total disregard of the PDEA authorities’ jurisdiction over the case.

These questions needs answers: What happened to a Justice Department who fails to support their own law enforcement operatives? What happened to a Congress, with all the trappings of nobility and solemnities?...who fails to amend an existing drug law in order to put in more teeth on it that can send out these Alabang Boys to get convicted? What value would there be when a top executive of the country, say, the Office of the President or Department of Justice, or even the Supreme Court, failed to pronounce their conviction to support their law enforcement agency? Isn't it that these law enforcement agencies exist because they are the very foundation of its existence in order to institute order, peace, justice within the mainstream of our society?

In my observation, PDEA has become the culprit after all that they have done. They need to explain every bit of technicalities or rules of engagement in which they carried out their mission and objectives. Or I should say that PDEA was just made use to become a dog-friend of politics for its own political ends?

Why criminals thrive in the country? Oh well, I can see it now. Crocodiles are now living on dry land; and more even within the hallway of congress; or might be at hallowed carnival string of the Department of Justice. If it is so, this would be a critical equilibrium by which people should define their place in the political map.

I admired the courage and bravery of Major M and General S. During their honest revelation to the very intimidating questions of legislators, or even the Secretary of Justice who insinuated the very person out of Major M, you can feel the aural effect of anger and dissatisfaction streaming out from the mouth of the very person holding the Justice Department. You can look at their cunning eyes slithered with sluts and chronic ebola that will make Major M a laughing stack.

The ire of the Secretary of the Department of Justice would only imply that there is something behind every bit of word he uttered against the PDEA officials. Is he protecting someone or something? Indeed, an independent body need to be created to conduct further investigation to determine who really faltered.

As I can see these events happening, I could say that truth indeed swamps around lies, only when one like Major M take the risk of his life.

Major M and General S just get on with it. We are watching your nemesis. Hurrah for the PDEA and hurrah to the truth-seekers.

Indeed, there is hope for this country. Get Paid to Take Surveys