The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Friday, June 10, 2005

Philippine Politics today is marred with much controversy over Jueteng while those who are allegedly involved are seen expert in the Arts of Denial

I don’t have to be blatant enough to write the things that I have been observing for quite a time now. I could not have scribbled these maladic events in the lives of my own people; but I believed that silence could never cure the dramatic extant of political abuse from those stallwarts who seemed to overdraw the walls by means of destabilizing moves privy to overthrow the duly constituted government of the people.

The political drama unfolding today in the Philippine setting have drawn the real character of the Filipinos as other races and countries have been seen and observing all over. I don’t have to believe that Filipino has this so-called “Crab Mentality”, pulling one to another going to the top the view what is at it.

As we can observed, politicians from walls to walls, coast to coast, and wires to wires, have carried all over again, the fiery path of convincing the whole nation that there’s something wrong with the government as a whole. Even if they would not have the initiative of telling all the people, I could say that what they’ve talked about over Senate hearings or even behind the walls of the whole legislative institution, these events was unfolded for an intent to destroy. Be it also within the four walls of the justice system, everything is within reach by everyone, except those who are building their own turf of corruptions.

Of course, it’s not all of the legislators have the aim to destroy. I would not want to name names, but media has been instrumental of flagging the wind of fire with people involve rapidly darting events after events, while tracking the whole system erupt with the untimely rapture and destruction. Yes, the fourth state, as they call themselves keyed events that influenced the whole meaning of governance. But, what is it in it?

Ah, commerce!... right!... commerce, my friends. The whole advertising agencies of the rich is fanning the fire of deluge in commerce even injected with pornographic clips and buzzes...!

Today, John of the Cross (translation: Juan dela Cruz) is trying to comprehend many unbelievable things that hyped him, and dragged him, or even more appropriate, drugged him into this confusion, asking: Who among them is more legitimate, or even nearer to the truth?!...with insurmountable fears and negative influence over his own thoughts and emotion. Whooosh!... Why all these?... Why all these happened?!... Who brought these deluge to us?... Can we blame the old generations of vipers, hypocrites and wisemen?

I think not...” said Lolo Beloy, “it’s a matter of choice between two sides of a coin and action afterwards... Whoever is responsible to these events have keyed on a metamorphosis or sort of a cycle of change that eventually result to either good tidings or bad tidings, depending upon the persons capacity to comprehend many of these things.”

Do you mean the President?”, I asked.

No. Not only her... Us... you... me... everyone! We are part of the same scene of events and each have each own’s role to undertake. The action is upon everyone. But there’s one thing that we’ve lacked...” he sniffed.

What is it?” I asked again.

“Unity...” thence, he walked away.

I was astounded by the wisdom that Lolo Beloy have smirked upon my own face, because I’ve learned that even myself was never a part of that unity, as he believed it to be neither himself. We parted ways with a deep thought within my conscience.

“Hypocrites!... they’re all hypocrites! They don’t believe to something that they’ve been involved with. They attracted the swarm of media coverages to catch the eyes of the whole public and draw themselves a hero of his own time. These legislatures are using Jueteng as a barge of travel to wipe away their own iniquities!”, a fisherman frowned with a sigh.

An affirmation is all I can say to this simple man. He’s been tracking the events through his radio or sometimes viewing it over the TV of his neighbor. Later, his wife come and buzz something to his ears. I saw him frowned and calmly led his wife home. As I saw them went away, I knew that the wife asked from him some money to buy one kilo of rice and two-peso worth of gas for their lamp. I felt the pity within me, but what can I do? I live also at the same quagmire as he’s been. We both asked to ourselves: What kind of government is this? What kind of system we have? ... and all that.

Anyway, the political spectrum of government that my country is having now is a fora of wiggled whims and caprices from sides to sides. Actors in each different field of expertise: investigations, intelligence and a lot more of arts in detection works and sundries. They are trying to be one of those mighty strongmen who wishes to reach the high clouds of fame and of course, history! (Sorry, that’s what I am seeing it here down under)

I’d like to see the finals of these events with these mired questions: Who shall be the Best Actor and Actresses?....Supporting Actors and Actresses?... Best Media Coverage Awardees... Best Media Outfit?... or who shall be jailed, toppled-down, or went home empty-handed?...

I got a guess....(smile....) your guess is as good as mine....

But still, I am hoping that these turns of events will not put the whole country into place of bounty hunters where both the citizens and its supposed leaders are tagging its own whistles... and shield within the lopeholes of the rule of laws and sundries. When that will come, we all end up empty-handed over a cup of empty swears and promises. Get Paid to Take Surveys