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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

As Perlman, the Philippines can find an expanse of unlimitless wisdom beyond its incomparable skills

My friend have shared to me the best inspiring story about one Perlman, a musician who performed well in 1995 when one of the strings of his violin broke off and only three strings remaining, but without let up he continued the music he was playing to the astonishing wonder of all the audiences around intently listening the sound produced of his violin.

My friend likened the Philippines to this wondrous violinist who stalled not the limitations but find the expanse of unlimitless wisdom beyond his incomparable skills and music.

It is very inspiring, in one way of another, that thru the performance of one Perlman, the Philippines can be likened to it. Worst as it may, people are getting tired of so much politicking and black propaganda being slewed to certain leaders in the country. I for one is sick and tired of these political bonanza that afflicted so much pain on the poorest of the poor of our people.

Some of our noted leaders are keeping their chin up to whatever is afflictions and to whatever is pain. They inspire many to work harder, but behind the curtain of these oblivious call, they turned their backs to the reality that our country has been afflicted of "societal cancer" and the healing power of these leader has loomed because of their selfish intentions. Moreover, money has been the graffiti of pride and obvious hypocrisy among others.

I’m not an economic expert who projects the screen of statistics and surmise the outcome of GDP’s and GNP’s and how much money is borrowed by the Philippines from the International Monetary Funds (IMF) or World Bank, but I learned basic economics enough to enhance my understanding how people in the government have given off and how much is bit away from the coffers.

In my observation and in my own understanding, government is a syndicate of both good and evil.

A syndicate of good when many people have been the beneficiaries of projects and programs and has been sustaining the same without let up until a lot of other people gain from it. It becomes a syndicate of evil, when out of this good projects and programs of government, some of those in the position have certain degree of tolerating the scambugs to get away millions of pesos and never have been convicted.

It becomes a syndicate of evil when the laws that has been passed and well debated in Congress has been archived for purposes of record while the enforcement of it has been in the sideline, making the whole nation a bonanza of strikes and rallies. Law Enforcement has become a burden to the righteous implementation of good laws because the law enforcers refuse to obey them or the people do not even know about them.

We have the best lawmakers in the world, but we have also the best lawbreakers in the universe of lawmaking.

Congress has been a composition of the elite. And even those coming from the poor who has been elevated to be a representative of many has likewise been afflicted by the precious enticings of the elite. They become part of corruptious thoughts that they abhor before they were elevated by the power of the people. Their voice has become a good tune to a few and a demurred smell to many.

Well, I thank my friend giving me a model to think about. He was hopeful that one day the Philippines will be successful in all its endeavors. But I’m sorry, if success has been the aim, nobody can take the hoard of sacrifices. It’s still the rich who reign with gusto!

One more thing… the parliamentary-federal form of government that the Arroyo Administration has been proposing could be one best solution to unclog and decongest Manila of its powerful control over all the affairs of government. It’s time to give chance the regionalistic approach of governance with each region having their own political federal state and running their own affairs of progress and development.

With a unicameral congress, I believe the government can become more efficient and effective. In fact, we have initially been doing the federal approach of government through our local government code of 1991.

We can do it! Get Paid to Take Surveys