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Monday, September 06, 2004

Oil Price Hike is Victimizing the Public Hype On Government Change; and Engines of Government Is Revving High In Its Prideful Pitfalls

“It is now or never....” a word of action or deceit?

People today are trying to recoup their anxiety after the sudden price hike on fuel oil. Their fear finally became reality. The subsequent effect of the prices in fuel oil was enormously staggering to the poor people in the whole country.

I’ve seen a family who survived only on the meager income of the father as a “baggage boy”. Before, the one hundred pesos was less sufficient to buy a three time meal for the day. The father spent about 3 to 4 hours in order to be able to raise the amount and he seemed to be a beggar to ask little addition to the usual pay for a baggage. But, his client seems ear-shut and insisted that it was enough...mere five pesos for about 20 kilos of baggage. Unfair, isn’t it? But this is the life of a poor father with seven little children to feed. The wife just recently passed away. She had a cancer of the bone. Her youngest daughter is only about 1 year old. He was problematic, but still, he continued his routine way of life...just a baggage boy. He said he was not able to finish his elementary education and even then he find it difficult to send off his children to school because the cost of school materials is much higher than the cost of one kilo rice; no clothes to wear nor a slipper; no notebooks to bring inside the classroom. His was a tremendous load to bear. I pity this man, just as I pity myself too!

Change in government system?...What can it offer to all the citizens of my country, Philippines?

This questions always moved to a spellbounding thoughts... and its seems that people in the government need to change themselves, too. Not the government!

Now the hype is almost staggering to think about. Congress have already stalled the initiation of charter change and instead, concentrate their efforts on the overall economic agenda of the Arroyo Administration. These efforts still doubly in trouble because of the increasing budget deficit. The government is trying to raise the amount of money that they badly need to run the government engine smoothly; but the rough seas of sailing the boat to a high-capped wave is what haunted every citizen of this country.

Everybody is trying to be unconscious of the truth, but the truth spilled every needed lubricant to make the engine of government running; the fight against corruption seems to be a futile journey to nothing.

As I can observe today, the engine of government is more fully focused on the so-called legacy of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but its tremendous setback is found within the fulcrum of their pitfalls--- Good programs with unresolved budget deficit. Funny, isn’t it? The crocodiles are designing how to spend the government coffers to good projects, but behind those good projects the sliding hose of corruption is silently seeping out the funds to the mouth of the crooks, leaving behind the unfinished expectations of the poor.

Today, as I can see it... just as other people do say this... no matter whoever is the President of this country, progress will always be expressed and highlighted among the paid newspapers and broadcast journalists! The economic progress can only be felt within the pages of reports relayed out of Malacañan made by technocrafts who never have had the chance to live among the paupers of the streets. Of course, this is a skeptic accusation to them who are there and raising their eyes at the ceiling of their own air-conditioned room while they are handsomely paid by the hard-earned income of the average people who faithfully paid their taxes directly through salary deductions.

When can this end?....Actually, I really don’t know. But, I still have my hope that this country will be able to survive from the clutches of evil that chained its own folly. And this folly was said by an illustrous man in the Philippine History, Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon. He said, I hope that I’m correct: “I would rather like to see the Philippines run like hell by the Filipinos than heaven by the Americans...” What a tremendous impact had it brought to my senses. A man who dearly loved his own country prefer a common Filipino to run his country like hell than to see it under the servitude of the Americans.

It seems to me that this is the plague that haunted every Filipino citizen. This prophetic words of a leader of a small nation have expressed his solemn agony against servitude of a foreign power. But look... are we really independent? Or was it a hell-bent “pride” that brought us into the quagmire. I’ve read history...and I do believe that it repeats itself but in a different dimension or so.

Anyway, my only hope is that... let every Filipino citizen open up the windows of their soul to see the rottenness within its own system. When government starts to rev high on its prideful pitfalls, the clamor of the people... LET THE CHANGE BEGIN.


To every Filipino citizen who prized their own freedom than wickedness and folly to their ownselves; and I hope that a change of government is a change of people’s outlook! Get Paid to Take Surveys