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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The political domino game as plotted by ex-House Speaker and his opposition allies failed on target as bombshells is now readied to hit the streets. This desperate move is apparently showing the real color of a depressed man who is longing for power that he once spitefully wield to influence the House of Congress which avenues is now tainted with his own deceitful makings and wanted to save his self from off the hook but trapped by his own failure and folly.

His so-called “charisma” and conventional powerful influence over decision-making of his many colleagues in Congress before is now felt like a dying ember of his own last hurrah. He is walking naked and unwisely trimming what is left of his own bonsai plants. If he would continue without letting go of his own pride, personal whims and caprices, it is expected that it will certainly trickle straight to his own downfall.

I have no personal grudge with the Ex-House Speaker. I admired him for what he had done during the Ramos Administration; but it seems, such admiration will not retain, as I see him now trying to destroy the established credibility of the House of Congress in which once in his time, was believed to have maintained a high sense of integrity. As his political ambitions and yearning for power burn within the bosom of his own hatred and unwise use of wisdom, he is now trying to wield the destructive karma of his own making. The unity that he once advocates is now a disintegrated view of a depressed wise man.

As he showed pictures saying that pictures do not lie; his once heraldic voice became a shout to nowhere.

Allow me to say that a voice of anger do not lie of the content of his heart. His voice reveals covetousness, hatred, and envy which he felt to magnify in order to influence the already dissatisfied Filipino psyche.

He wanted to motivate the Filipino people to an unwise uprising against their own duly constituted government in which case he is considered a pinch of rust in its ceiling. His actions only push a button to further affect the economic stability of our country, thus, he is answerable to the people and can be tagged as a saboteur; or against the duly instituted ideals of our long-ago Forefathers, which I believe can be resembled to either a treasonous act and deed, or treachery.

On the other hand, intellectual observers will comment that his destructive move is a political maneuver to influence also the military believing that the personnel of this honorable institution can be brought again into the scene. But as I see it, his move is a personal crusade to seek revenge for the many millions that his son, Joey de Venecia, could have gained if only the ZTE transaction could have transpired. It was a great loss on their part, because the money to be gained could have been used to fund his Presidential bid comes 2010 or to his grand plan of retirement while pushing his son to run for congress.

The administration camp was certainly able to hack this sinister plan and have decided to cancel the ZTE transaction. Pure and simple. Indeed, when ZTE could have taken off, the Arroyo Administration can be a hostage while the De Venecia family is more powerfully wielding a greater power against them and the same domino scenario could have caused the government to its expected downfall. The Arroyo administration could have gone out to Malacañan with much stinging mud on its slot. So, when elections come, President Arroyo will be pressed to support the candidacy of ex-House Speaker and political funds will flow in to the burse of De Venecia without the lift of doubt that he is just using the money gained out of the ZTE transactions of his son, Joey.

And it was a lot!

Therefore, President Arroyo’s cancellation of the ZTE transaction was a timely decision to make; and the domino plot of the De Venecia camp run off tangent to its original plan. Case closed.

Now, his desperate power wielding against his colleagues caused him more! A plot to oust him in the House of Congress is gaining headway simply because of his treacherous or treasonous act against the duly constituted authority, whom he pledged to defend, will certainly crack the sheath of his unwise moves. The domino plot will crumble to pieces and he will be left nude.

As far as I am concerned, this is what I felt and see as the scenarios reveal the truth about ex-House Speaker’s bombshells!

Well, as I said it, the voice does not lie! Get Paid to Take Surveys