The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Friday, July 15, 2005

Philippine Political Stage turned Bonanza, turning off the light of peaceful process cause by self-righteous greed of the power spectrum

I felt dismayed over what is happening today in my very own country where the people are bent on self-righteous destruction. Each camp prepares a battleground and a slut against each other as if the whole country is turning the political arena into a bonanza of sluts and muds! They slingshot each other with baskets of potato rots mixed with sweet chili of pride banana with rotten mongo and coconut salad cross-mixed with cracked shell of red eggs imported from nowhere.

A bonanza of CDs of the Hello Garci scam has turned every corner of the whole Philippines a vivid rumor-mongerers using their cellphone as the media of sharing the bad imagination of a President-turned-humile servant of the people. Recently, the course have introduced another set of CDs that were allegedly given by unindentified concerned person to a governor. The media on the other hand, has become a major target for “Catch Me-If-You-Can Hype” turning reporters hungry vultures for a tiny split of the news to broadcast to the entire news-hungry people. Meantime, producers of each media outfit is trying to invest a lot of money to get a first-hand information which usually turned out a black mud served to a black mudder.

People in the streets became aware of the whole event in the country. They expressed their own concern about the whole socio-economic schema which was then the turf of technocrats on papers and some of the elitists who frequently expressed their concern about the events because it has affected their investments so much that millions of rigged profits will turn out to be millions of losses. To ride on the issue, they made use of their own money to invest on people who are willing to buy-out their destabilization plot against a duly constituted government to give reasons to withdraw from wealth-hidden bank and bring the cash out of the country thru special channels where unscrupulous government officials became a partner in sabotaging the whole economy.

I understand that people of influence can make up excuses to rig the whole democractic system with their thoughts and speculations. People on the hand, who are more aware to respond in any click of events at a time like thunderstorm and lightning, cuddled these people’s hype which ride upon issues of concern---driving the whole hungry people crazy for a change, to suit their own greed of power and wealth. When millions of pesos are being utilized to mobilize the whole nation into a quandary while unwittingly or wittingly knowing about a bog was played down to destroy their very own self, then it will be the end of it... Philippines will soon become a battleground of losers, only one wins, the man who get started the first flick of fire.

A lot of people say, now I say it, that lies when repeated several times become truth to many... and I add... foolish people.

The means of communication today is very swift and cunningly fast enough like lightning strike. Anybody who possess a cellphone can communicate anyone from the top of the mountain down to the hills and valleys, rivers and lakes, lagoon or gulf, or even to the remotest place on earth where air can enter and bring the signal of communication. There’s no impossible things now, only possibilities. And beyond all these, destruction is very imminent. As the whole people is advancing to a greater degree of progression, they become ignorant to the values of the old. They forget the origin of prosperity, and instead, all they wanted is to live the air of convenience where everything is under control of their own fingertips.

I believe that these embarrassing events of my country is an hiatus of prideful pathway purposely to contain secret combinations of the crafty people whose aim is to destabilize the economy and bring the whole people under bondage and self-destruction. Money talks and money really talks with a lot of people today. The greater your bank account is, the greater you can get influence of a rundown show of your own and foolish people live by the foolishness of thoughts of their own colors and they can easily get support from hungry stomachs.

President Arroyo announced that she would not resign and her ex-cabinets demand her to resign. Everyone wanted her to resign including the widow of the late Fernando Poe Jr, Ms. Susan Roces; a die-hard hooligans. Her statements were ferocious enough to give a tilt to the bones; her penetrating eyes reaches even a highest destination of clouded dreams; her bombarding mouth spoke tiny bits of sedition and claim herself as a rightful heir to a crown never was owned by her husband. She is dangerous! A leader like her can make a whole platoon of soldiers fight like ferocious animals against a company thence perish in the fields. But I am a believer of a good cause. Maybe... just maybe... she may have good cause, but she is sailing the wrong direction in the stormy sea on board a rag-tag ship with steamed engine. I believe, she would not last long.

President Arroyo, on the other hand, is a plain worker with a plain mindset. She believes she can make it!... I too believe her! Just as long as the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police stand by the oath of their offices and live the principles and doctrines of the Constitution of the Philippines, these whole bunch of crab-taggers and crab-embers can draw a silent wind out to rest their cause for the next election!

I wonder how these crabs turn a ring tone a spice of their own mouth... I know and I believe they have their own political agenda but it’s really hard to determine their choices before they launched their political seige. But I firmly hope that their dreams will die with them if they will not turn their hatred into love and anger into charity. The soonest they can realize it, the better for the recovery of the whole economy. Get Paid to Take Surveys