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Friday, October 15, 2004

The revving reform of the AFP is subtly cracked by the fangs of its own military artistry and the conjuring effect is enormously felt

Democracy has the widest avenue of reform even within the dynamic context of subtle cruelty or even in the pages of inappropriate accusations to prove a wrong or to disprove a right. Whichever is dynamic is good and whichever is inappropriate deserves a gamble or a risk-taking venture for experience. This is how I see things within our country’s situation today.

A lot of accusations have been raining from left to right, from up and down, from the center to the side, and from the side to whoever or whichever is going to be hit by its revving onslaught. No matter is the consequence, according to many nationalists, just as long as the truth prevails, it’s all up to the one who did his own misdeeds to suffer the unbelievable or believable curse of the whole nation.

I could not say any further more details about our media today because as I see it, they are all commercialized and overly profit oriented. Sometimes those who knew much about our social responsibility and teaches them in their own wards seemed to be the ones who eventually forget the essense of its beauty as they see them theoretically in their own concepts.

I would like to comment that the intellectual qualifications of the people running the government is very high but the performance is critically low.


The public administration or management principles and theories that they’ve learned abroad through curious studies and research is overly reactive to the actual needs and situations of the country. They seemed to see the superficial effects of poverty and they designed how to quell it in terms of their own personal point of view, whims and caprices. No matter what will happened to the people whom they’ve served, just as long as the programs and actions of government are going to put on the road with a lot of indiscernible pieces of ruts and blunders, it doesn’t matter anyway. I see at their own perceptions a phletora of beauty within the context of papers and conceptual ideas only, but in the end, a lot of people suffered the consequence of their own overly statistical miscalculations. They even employed private companies to pursue their own means.

Anyway, they are not the ones directly affected, its the common people who are willing to served as experimental mammals. People who are willing to obey and ride with the tide of afflictions. But in all that they have in their own grounds are promises of sort that in one day, they will be uplifted as a whole people. It may be sad to note that in the Philippines, a lot of people are treated as squatters in their own country. Legislators tagged them as such would introduce measures to at least alleviate their plight. Local governnance even more designate a place where people are squatting at the property of their own fellowmen who even times are inconsiderate, and in the name of business, impose an amount from these poorly people.

Oh!.... One thing more that I should like to add-up is the presence of a lot of foreign investors and are already assimilating their own investments with the Philippines investments. One authority classified them as legitimate Filipino business. But hideously, these multi-national investors are making use or even abuse the trust of my fellow Filipinos, but using their own name for the sake of investment... or more specifically, money.


The people have already by been afflicted with so much trouble in seeking both ends to meet their family needs. The average people are trying to survive within the ground of their own meager business ventures. They are tagged by the technocrats as small medium enterprises (SMEs) businessmen while those with high volume of capital outlay are called Multinational Companies.

Meantime, with the recent spate of reports about destabilization plots against the government, the business sector have shown indicators to withdraw capital invested in anticipation to the said plot. You see, everytime speculators made their own outburst in reaction to certain threat, a counterthreat of capital investment withdrawal is their ultimate means to destabilize further the unstable economy.

Everyone this time seems to be materialistic and security conscious.

No one is secured this time. Even those in the home of high-rise fences and high-technology installed security gadgets are threatened by these destabilizing mortars. Now, the government is sometimes overly reactive with these speculative threats that even its own ground base is being shaken and shocked by its own blown-out hilt!

Siggghhhhh again....

In my own view, moneymakers run every which way... no security buffers around by ignorance of sort by those who are operating the machines of government.

Smuggling of products and even human smuggling have become a very profitable trade here and abroad, but thanks to the new Task Forces created to fight against these unscrupulous trades. But question may come again, how long will it be sustained? Will it survive after the Arroyo Administration? Or will it serve as temporary checkpoints that when one law enforcer is relieved, the other will not surely follow what was started. This is how government usually undertake measures to resolve one problem and allow others to crop up with even more resolutions. It is as if the government is only to apply a patch-up stamp medication to every wound resulted from incidental slice of the knife in the hand.

The lack of consistency in government policies and the extreme flexibility of the rule of law towards the sacred cows and the untouchables who are with the clutches of their own political leaders, the much vaunted familiarization, the silent political dynasty among those who rule and those with dollar money abroad, the Scholars of the People who after they have gone to the United States or other countries, employed their knowledge without getting into touch the people down the stream and loved much of the fashion of the trimmings of their own illustrous achievements; the stiffneckedness of the elite speaks of progress in terms of their own; and the impeccable drying rivers of progress and development afflicted the whole nation of the poor without the trappings of their own undaunted achievement by supplying the upper echelon of the government every bit of problems that they have encountered in the battlefield of survival and painful curse of their own folly in times of elections. They believed that moneyed people are their allies and in the end they discovered that these people who get elected are their own hidden enemy of sort.

These and many more needs that the people of my country have to retrieve from their own sleeping bags. These and many more people need to re-awaken the light and luster of their own national credo.

I believed that a true nationalist never falter a bit of his own patriotism, neither that he takes a first step without surely making a clear-cut view of the way he will take.

I don’t know now when would this small voice be heard among the hearts of my people in the upper echelon; but, still I believe somewhere along the desert line of these insurmountable problems in my country today, a radiant light will shine, even a bit, to make everyone learn the wisdom of their own experiences.

I’m just here...writing what it takes to be written from them. Get Paid to Take Surveys