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Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Political Hyena's Turf Initially Revealed

One of the most terrible mistake that every single, ignorant and distasteful person do is to kill somebody because of somebody’s misdeeds...

The political euphoria that brought the whole country into a mudslinging arena is now practically over with the local winning candidates already waiting for June 30 for their oathtaking ceremony, while the losing candidates still counting, analyzing, and even trying to recall what is the big mistakes that his/her campaign buff out with no winning results!

They tried to call up their coordinators and political leaders in the barangays, but they found out later that they were all gone and went to anywhere else this world can bring them. A few who are truthful with their commitments went to the house of their political bets and said sorrowful render their sorry words in tears. They oftentimes advised that there will be another election, and maybe, just maybe, they could win next time! the comfort of the loser.

Funny thing, is it? The aftermath of a national election usually or even frequently result to a remorseful supplication and remorseful vindication of the things they have done during the campaign and election period. For forty five days, the whole bunch of candidates for the local and national posts are tagging themselves with distasteful smiles everytime they met each other; and now, you could see some of these candidates are in their secret hangouts having fun like drinking beers, talking, shagging,huggling, teasing and all that! Whew!!! Is this politics? No...not all that, of course! They admitted with each other that they have played a good domino game where the ordinary people (with lesser education, as they said) do not even know how.

Another story went like this. There were three (3) official candidates running for Congressman in a District in Camarines Sur province. I’ve learned that one of them put up another candidate, a woman who is practically a relative of his opponent, so that the surname of his opponent will not be ultimately used during the ballot counting and it would certainly create confusion from among the voters whom to vote... Nice political strategy which is already aged-old cunny political fuse but still effective. He spent something about fifty to one hundred thousand pesos for her to run the election, anyway, they thought that the qualification profile needed to being a candidate for such an elite political position matters not, even an actor without so much experience in the political systemic arena of the country is qualified by the COMELEC! Just imagine, becoming a President?!

Anyway, later I learned that the woman was apparently disqualified by the COMELEC, but the damage has already been done to the regret of both party: to the one who spent the money, and to the other who hired a lawyer just to disqualify the woman. Both are spending a lot of money for their own motives...cunning motives. (Whoooosshh...)

Sometimes, people have thought this way: How about when the candidates have delightful thoughts that instead of spending the money to pay off accounts for the political campaign materials to be given to the voters during the campaign period, be given to them in cash?!...The burgeoning debt had already received moratorium and there’s an ongoing negotiations to restructure it. Maybe, just maybe, part of this debt were spent during the election. (Oh yeah?!) Well, I’m not in the treasury, but I believe this small man’s thought. How about it?

No!...political luminaries eventually said at their secret meeting place. If people would have all this money, who will work in the factory, in the groceries, in the manufacturing companies, and all other blue collar jobs?! If all will be given the chance to be millionaires, everybody will enjoy a sumptuous meals and snacks from highly for-the- elite five star restaurants, and if at all their money were gone already from their own pockets, the same situation will happen...Still poor Philippines, as they said. It’s really a bad idea to give out money to the poor people who are clamoring political changes and at eventide languished themselves to jail.

Last night, the same people that I see last campaign period were seating over a bottle of gin, a famous poor man’s hard drink in the countryside. They’ve talked about the events of last election. They counted their shares in terms of money taken and money given to the supporters of their political bets which were provided to them for distribution. Some even enjoyed telling fancy lies about their own ventures. Laughing and jamming themselves as if a big hay was laid on their highways of smokestacks and frenzies. They were all buggling about something foolish that they did during the election, buying time and selling votes to the candidates who are willing to pay the price. (Well, for all you know, they sold out their straight vote as much as five hundred pesos...yeah, five hundred pesos...and for those who could not give out straight vote for something reasonable, they are paid three hundred pesos. Least that you can receive from small time candidates is twenty to fifty pesos, or even one hundred pesos if you have a good sense of humor and fancy stories to tell. Hah!)

Now, the election is almost over. There were rumors running around the corners of barbershops and beauty salons, and even at the cockfight centers, about a certain candidate who spread it that he actually gave out fifty to one hundred thousand pesos to all local political candidates of their party, to the angry and dismayed partymates. While on the other hand, rumors were also spread about the long-time political stalwarts in a certain district of Camarines Sur has railroaded the COMELEC with money for him to be able to clinch the winning streak for the congressional seat which people said have been his direly means of getting back to THE HOUSE OF CONGRESS and be the HOUSE SPEAKER again...(Sigh...) I believe that there are certain truth behind the rumors, even a bit...just a bit. You know why?...There’s that old man saying: "When there’s smoke, there’s fire!"...

Certainly the rats racing out their lounge and parties and are going to feast a certain question: “Who is the most deserving candidate who won the last election?” Certainly, they deserved to be recognized. However, who will try to do that? Me?....Oh no....not me, certainly not me...but other can. (Of course, don’t say this to others: I have a bunch of local small people investigators who will pin me the best news they’ve got around their poor corners. I know they will...he he he...)

Anyway, I am certain that the scenarios that I have been drawing speaks about our country's trend in this best place of world’s famous blogs which can draw crowds in the future. And as long as my fingers won’t stop typing the facts and trends of our own political crags and breachy ways...the truth will always prevail through it!

Certainly, with this page, the political hyena’s turf will be revealed. Get Paid to Take Surveys