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Friday, July 02, 2004

The rascal leaders of opposition are portraying their own pitfalls in the face of national crisis

As I have noticed these past few days, before the oathtaking ceremony of the 14th President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the supporters of FPJ have shown their wares in terms of civil disobedience.

They showed no respect to the duly constituted laws of the land, because, if they really are respecting it, they wouldn’t have gone to the streets and aired their grievances. I felt a bitter feeling about these my fellowmen. They have gone awry and disrespect was the order of their day.

What if...they have won? What will be the inspirit they have in running the government? Will there be hatred on the other side, also thinking and re-thinking the pain of losing the elections? Would there be any chances of reconciliation between parties who have drifted beyond the unexpected result of blunders and pride? Will there be peace?

There are a lot of questions that have come through my mind and nevertheless the answeres remained in oblivion. As I can see the action taken by the protesters, brewing with a lot pain and grief in their hearts, they become rascals in portraying their own pitfalls. The leadership of their group is becoming weak and incontrollable as the people are becoming unruly and hear no words from their opposite side.

As I can see it, hatred has become their bread and their pain has become their water supplier in an outrage of getting the reign of governance that they themselves have gone out but displaying their own selfish ends.

The news revealed a lot of hidden agenda that sometimes the broadcaster-reporter himself observed in the way of covering the whole news report. Based on their own experience of covering these unruly events of people who aims is to collect P100.00 bills from their unscupulous leaders who financed such mass actions against the duly constituted government included therein also was reportedly kilos of rice for their own family good for the day.

Where is the real grievance that they’ve been trying to air? Is there truth in their campaign? Well, I don’t see any reason at all for that fact. Because I truly believed that people who are fighting for certain ideological beliefs or political goals have to sacrifice something of their own for the benefit of the many.

Here, in the Philippines, I can see that the old paths of glory is gone awry. The truest motive of heart from the people who conduct mass actions is not really felt within the hearts of those who are governing.


Because the words that they have spoken remains to be within the realm of their expected selfish ends. The thunder of words that you may have heard from their ranks were words reflective of their own pitfalls, hence, their wrong perceptions has been an advanced dungeon of their own views of the realities that they see on government. Even then, they knew that they will fail, but incessant fire is fanned by those people whose plan is for the continued suffering of the people of their own feathers. Get Paid to Take Surveys