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Monday, May 24, 2004

A Country on the loose!!!...Let me kick their butts!

In a country where more people are ignorant enough, no I would say, less knowledgeable about the real score of high politics, while those who have the knowledge are keeping the engine on with cunningly crafty imaginations to put the boiling water into an outrageous debacle, is not astonishing; when one day, you could see a lot of people prefer to take the streets filled than the courts of law.

Most of the times, as many stories being told to so many magazines and books, it’s the elite who controls the crowd. With the money on their hand, they can make the silence into an uproar when all the fundamental foundations of governance is lying as their prey. People, rich people, or average-rich people, with the power to undertake the latest adventure within the political spectrum, not because they loved the country, but they would love to see the whole country break down their own bones and their own people starting to shot a star to heaven knows!

The holy scripture evidently taught us: Money is the root of all evil.


One of my friends, Perry as we call him, texted me last night when I was still on my deep contemplation. It seems that his words what he was blaming the conservative Christianity that influenced the whole people and learned a lot of education from its own experience, the cause of division, ineptitude in government service, among the people. It’s a matter of choice.

I remember world history. American people who suffered the same unfaithfulness was wrought of Civil war and later realized that they themselves are the ones bringing down the hook to peddle their own mistakes. Today, look at this noble country….Uncle Sam is still on the go. Though sometimes it failed the expectations of the lot of their people, when they committed the heinous crimes against the Iraquis by abusing prisoners of war, which they themselves are one of the strong authors of the Geneva Convention. They failed because they forget the whole mission. Soldiers are forced to the limit of their own frailties…tempted to undertake the extraordinaries though they know the consequence. (Sighhh…)

Today, the Bicamiral Congress of my country is on the verge of disruptions from the multisectoral groups who spark the troubles and drawn the scenarios that they themselves are taking part. The errors of intelligence analysis is great on the part of both the AFP and PNP can be fatal when not immediately evaluated. I believe, even, within the auspices of the law enforcers, people with their limitless minds, can draw the crowd into a raging storm. Everybody is on their own scenarios, except a few who stand as martyrs for peace and tranquility who stood up their ground to highlight their own motive. Some people do not know really what their motives are. But, I could see between the lines, they are buffers. Just like Eddie Gil, whom the Malacanan palace said: “…provided a comic relief…” (Hah…hah…hah…) Really cool!

FPJ one of the closes rival of the Pres. Arroyo do not have the intent of conceding. I don’t know of some people who stand just for their own pride, look at people running the streets, shouting their own names and urging the whole country to run with them, to highlight their protests!…Maybe, you could only see it here….except for one, Joey Marquez, an actor-turned politician who conceded for his defeat in the congressioal seat at his district in Paranaque. I don’t know of others who did the same. It’s not the call for the day! In the US, when the people have already spoken, the opposing candidate, usually concede and express congratulations to the winning candidate, thence, pledge support to unite the whole country. Here?…I think FPJ will not yet into that humility ground. He doesn’t know that yet. But I believe he will.

You know…I just can’t help not to write these things. I was dismayed over reports that certain people…politicians and moneyed people are turning their hues to bring this country into its greatest turmoil…no, not turmoil….a pit….it’s deepest pit--- civil war. Anyway, if things will turn out right, these people have seen the message when they observed that a lot of people, poor, average and rich people alike, are really heavy-burdened with the kind of government we have today. Politicians have their own agenda, with a lot of reserved political words…sweet words…to keep the whole country on the ground. But, as I heard them speak…their hearts are away with the real motives of why they are there. I could smell bad with the present scenario everyday. There’s something fishy about many things. Maybe…just maybe, the treasury is clear open and many pockets need to take the share. (Sssshhh….silence…somebody’s talkin’…) Look!…These people are pumping again the whole public with sweety words….oh no…sweaty words…it’s hot here… summer is yet to end.

Where are the patriots go?…This is one question that my friend wants to ask me. No to election fraud! Yeah…No. No. No…this is what I texted back to him. But what can we do? He suggested to me…we’d better get some sleep, and I did.

I slept the whole night with deepest thought what will happen tomorrow. Will the government yield to the demand of the people to change?… or should the people demanding change have to change themselves first?…I know, you are making my whole write up a laughingstack….because, my country as you can see in the news broadcast internationally, in on the loose.

But my dream…my only dream….and hope, my only hope…let heavens come to town to punish the wicked who are turning this country into a desolate waste; and my wish, my only wish…LET ME KICK THEIR BUTTS!!! Get Paid to Take Surveys