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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Olympic Achievement Is Likely Equivalent To The Picture Of The Country’s Sports Development: Corroded or Plainly Corrupted?

The recently concluded Olympics 2004 in Athens, Greece can be epitomized as a consistent symbolism of courage, patience, endurance, grandeur of survival, and the fame of everlasting achievement. We have learned that originally the olympic sports actually originated in Greece and there had been a lot of variations of games in terms of sports progress and development.

Each country prepared a three-long years of scorching trainings and seminars on the athletes who are noted to have been exposed to various competitions in both the local and international arena of sports. Athletes are spotted, tested and trained each according to their own inclinations and inherent skills and abilities. By such, each of these athletes symbolizes either the hope or flop of their own turfs depending upon the people who handled them eventually.

The government allocate certain amount of the budget to install an orderly manner of spotting and training of athletes for the olympic games or other local and other international competitions. People in the Sports Commission are mandated to maintain the highest standard of discipline among themselves and their athletes. Theoretically, this is the tremendous task ahead of everything: To win gold medals in all sports competition. This is the ultimate upheaval for all the hardships and sacrifices of all concern.

Now, the big question is: What happened to the Philippine Contingent?

There has been observation from down below the poverty line. Some of the athletes being developed into international competitors remarkably are coming from the poor. They have inherent talents and skills to survive even the most strenuous and tedious training in town. They have a big heart to compete and ultimately bring out the best of their own efforts. However, rumors or even reports put it that some of the sports funds were not actually expended to the intended appropriations. Some of the athletes have hideously groaned for unfair practices among officials such as favoritism or nepotism; and many other unusual, or say, unscrupulous activities that eventually siphoned off the coffers content.

I have learned that democratic institutions brings out the best in you. But overly practice of the same usually corrupt even the little tunnel of hope and comprehension.

If you could imagine the ants: they helped one with another, they gather their own foods in times when dry season is at hand; and when rainy seasons starts to blow its own flow of waters, you could never see an ant outside the sunlit field and are working. Except for those ants working at the mercy of the shelter they’ve keep for a while above the ground, all others are in their own home-made shelter in anticipation of the rain. They are learning their own ways in the practice of their own democratic ways of life. They are diligent and industrious; willing to help one another. They are as other people do... but, only when no outside interferences come their way. Once a wise individual not their own class comes and corrupt their usual or natural way of life, exploitation and corruption starts to toggle their own unaltered life. Once this would start, division comes and death is imminent. To fight back is futile, but they have their own sense of deflection.

This is a short parable to reckon with. When we can configure this instance, we can discern the omniscence of the value of “duty and responsibility”; but this would only mean beyond the comprehended thought of the basic concepts of moral values as taught in the school.

Like sports, every bit of actions that our athletes have undertaken during the recent Olympic games closely portrayed the inactivity of government within its own fulcrum; the motive of the athletes is to bring in medals for the honor of their country; but the country in itself, of course except for a few, is not in tune for such a venture especially the politicians. They only wanted to speculate and imagine the adventurous events being layed down in their own eyes; create a media hype to make their own people to have faith in their own athletes which eventually resulted to sorting off the money for such a media coverage. Surely, money talks to evangelize the feat of the athletes. But, I say, what a waste of time, money and effort, when not a goal has been attained but only self-sustaining satisfaction that the country, at least, have eventually participated in to that pompous sports events. (Whew!)

Is this our only way of surrendered reckoning?

Anyway, the athletes have done their best. I should say, they put on their own crown of glory at the haste of many who are not their own. Eventually, what they have achieved so far, I believe, is a process that will chart the destiny of many other sports events in the future.

I still have this faith. Filipinos will triumph at their own chartered destiny of glory and one has to reflect on this thing: Who could achieve it? Me?....ha ha ha... oh no, not me... but everyone who dares it...of course you have to include me. (smiles) Get Paid to Take Surveys