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Friday, December 11, 2009



War is a business of power and control manifested by arms and force to either annihilate or put an enemy to submission, while uplifting those who can manipulate, and install a system of governance by either fear or intimidation. It can only be taken into action by a cohesive plan by which the use of manpower, instruments of war, and resources that can bring out and give meaning to its protracted end. The beginning of war is chaos and disorder, and the ends of war is survival, death and destruction, thence, temporary peace.


This is the pattern that I see in all events that involve a certain degree of chaos and disorder that leads to war.  A failure in diplomacy and indecision usually leads to war. On the other hand, diplomacy in its own token ways and dimension is aimed only to protect the innocent and sacrifice those who are willing; but, certainly uplift those who are wont to it. War and diplomacy are two coherent partners to unleash destruction or discover peace.


It seems to me that events transpiring in Mindanao is one of coherent magnitude that can trigger an expanded switch that could transform the whole country into the clutches of another martial law. The decisive belligerence that the so-called “warlords” are framing amidst controversy of the November 23 massacre only indicate that a “plan” has been cooked to justify its prolongation.  And maybe, just maybe, Senator Miriam Santiago’s conspiracy theory is not far from what is happening; and possibly President Arroyo has nothing to do with it, but someone of her team, who has enough power to wield may have instigated the behind-the-scene machismo.


Whoever he may be, he has well-equipped his gargantuan move with all the scenarios in Mindanao can tell, to put in to the political system a sinister ambition of imitating the Marcos ingenuity into another course of perplexity that a whit in a democratic law can never discover the source of its succinct wizardry.


Of course, he must be a lawyer or a soldier! …


However, it’s so happened that the eruption of events was uncalled for and everything has been compromised! The timing was ironically timed when the President is about to leave office. It is as if a challenge of her staying in power and possibly perpetuate until the discord subsides was a premature thing. On this, we can implicate the discovery of cache of firearms and ammunition as a supporting documentation that will support martial law in whatever manner it could have been carried out throughout the Philippines.


I’d like to draw scenarios by which, if these events, only if these events could have happened in time when there was a great possibility,  failure of  election is realizable, and no president and vice president can be declared winners because the computer machine’s software was hacked and the data were corrupted; and that  COMELEC found it difficult to remedy the breakdown of its computerized system of ballot counting, and that the recovery of data becomes dim.


What will happened, if and only if, the events in Mindanao timely transpired at the very moment when uncanny saboteurs fomented a series of bombing incidents in Manila and in every urban centers of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; say, an accident of great magnitude as an after effect of these bombing, the stocks trading system registered an all-time low of financial activities and whole financial system declared a breakdown---like recession, and industries are closing down.


Who will benefit the declaration of martial law throughout the Philippines? We should be aware of the old patterns, it is very perniciously dangerous.


Lots and lots of other scenarios can be drawn out of the old patterns, but, just like mine own, it comes from events already happening or may a concoction drawn out of doubts and fears, and every vigilant peacemakers, militant left or right, or skeptics are drawn into it like a virus of political speculations that are made manifest by events drawn into place.


Given as it may seem, martial law is on the verge of resurfacing in the midst of these troubles.


In whatever manner it could be, the players were drawn out of place by its own antiquity, while events in Mindanao will likely run out wildly into a protracted war, or say a civil war on its own, where the warlords are killing and fighting against each other to the detriment of National Security, thus, martial law is not far the shortcut mean to contain the whole country into a possible terminal disarray. If this will be the worst-case scenario I can ever draw---there is a great possibility that civil war in Mindanao is eminent. Even now, it already begins.


I can only pray that this “conspiracy theory” as drawn in the mind of Senator Miriam Santiago will remain a theory out of contextual reality; and I would just hope that it will remain there.


What our country needs today is a president that truly possess a sense of morality and a nationalist who rationally understood the meaning of liberality, as a manifestation of his own resolve to uplift the lives of many. A president who loves the country more than his own business interests. This is serious but true, and we find not one yet.


Please remember, the Office of the President is a symbol of collective hope, faith, and love of country, and people. Beyond these is a possible unrighteous dominion in the person which is evil. Get Paid to Take Surveys