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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


For the past few days, we can see the categorical political behavior of many is now focused towards 2010 Elections in the Philippines. It was more likely apparent as images of senators and other wannabe candidates’ stroke on TV advertisements certainly for less expenses or uplift earnings capability in preparation for the great election campaign.

Surely, political funds raising campaigns are now a priority groundwork for every political party camps who are certainly on red-flag and as busy as ever decorating their respective political stage for a great show! Political oil and lubricants are now being requisitioned and hoarded by respective party stalwarts---calling and inviting every down-stretch leaders wherever they may be to remind them of continuing commitments are being renewed and harnessed again with promises of favor, programs and projects.

On the other hand, government and non-government organizations are also being harnessed, though some of them are inactive and are now being reactivated for political end-purpose. Solicitation letters are now being drafted, prepared, saved in a computer or USB or even sent to emails as attachments, for easy access. New bank accounts for these leaders or organizations are separately opened purposely for easy money-sent transactions. Project proposals and programs are getting a head-count, plain and simpler the better, because candidates would not likely to read them.

Cell phones and SIM cards are now on high sell-out, while office supplies and many other printing materials are being ordered in advance to avoid back lagging. Rice mills and manufacturing companies are now pre-negotiated with advanced orders and a time frame of 6-8 months delivery, of course, with advance payments sent through a bank account. It is more likely that motorcycles and bicycles are also pre-ordered and reserved; or number of units is pre-negotiated for rent or use during the campaign. Cars, closed-vans, jeepneys and trucks, including 10-wheeler trucks, are now being planned to get mobilized when needed.

In line with these, bank statements are quietly requested and destroyed, or kept in a safe box for easy accounting and auditing, as the streams of money-flow should be monitored to get in to the account from likely friends, donors, lovers and secret admirers, philanthropists, or foreign supporters.

On local government units, the theme that most of the barangay officials are talking about is the various unfulfilled programs and projects that some of the candidates during the last election failed to get into their attention. Somehow, these barangay officials are getting fed up on some of their municipal and provincial officials who just showed up their selves during campaign period, but after getting elected, they apparently shy-away or felt ashamed to show their faces on their supporters who voted them to win!

We can feel also that wannabe governors, district representatives, mayors and councilors of the different provinces, districts and municipalities in the entire country are now in full gear of re-inventing the campaign logo and battlecry slogans for their own party and image enhancements.

Programs on TV, radio or even local newspapers are now on due dates for feature articles for certain wannabe candidates; writers and write-ups are carefully chosen accompanied with pictures or logos, and many others. Local radio commentators are now secretly being negotiated for a 20-30 minute prime time slots on commercial radio stations, of course, pre-negotiated with certain amount involved.

Meanwhile, radio station managers are kind of shy when it comes to negotiations; interested wannabe candidates would just have to negotiate with their ads and production managers. Background investigations are done widely to determine any untoward issues that may crop up during the elections. Hired radio commentators are now researching hard on the possible candidates, their lifestyles and hangouts, families and friends, and many other to enhance their favored candidates or break a thorough bombshell on the wannabe opponents. Of course, local newspaper columnists and writers are up now for a side-clips and issues on any probable candidates. Their sidekicks or informants are now fully mobilized to unearth any thing; I mean anything that will give a possible highlight on certain issues.

Groups of baggage boys, dispatchers, drivers, operators, vendors, sales ladies and sales boys, and others are up for grabs by certain political wannabes. It would certainly cost a political wannabe a number of drinking sprees and money dole-outs to make a hint for their candidacy. Invitations flood on every doorstep of these political wannabes. Frequent discussions with neighbors, friends, and close relatives are now on-the-go for settled expected votes. The final decision will be made during the very last hour of filing their certificate of candidacy with the COMELEC.

By the way, photo studios are also being swarmed by pictures development for 2x2, 3Rs, 1x1, and other photo dimensions. Some are being published through the internet or are hanged in the sala or in a picture frame.

Really, at this very hour, no financial crisis yet being felt by some businessmen. Their business is still on-the-go except for a few who went bankrupt at this very early stage. But there is hope for a few who are protégée of certain political figures.

Hey, I almost forgot the printing presses all around. They are now initially contacted by certain political figures about printing contracts on certain volumes of campaign materials. In fact, some printed materials which were not paid last elections and are not distributed out are kept in tack for the past three years! Just imagine. They are all as yet ready today if you mind, only that some parts are going to be snow-faked and reprinted with recent date of elections. All the rest will be fine. Cost-saving hah!

We can expect also an increase in ordering T-shirts, canned goods, plastic bags, weighing scales, rice, noodles and pancits, bags, key holders, pencils and ball pens, nail-cutters, hair bands, sashes and make-up goods. These would be good for giveaways and remembrances that would render a voter to always remember the likely candidate.

We cannot also discount that computers and printers will be up on demand including coupon bonds, long and short; or colored papers, fasteners and glue, tents, hats and eye glasses. Companies manufacturing paints will likely felt also increase of pre-ordered items and packages up for grabs.

Perhaps we cannot also discount the fact that drinking bars, Videoke houses, night clubs and disco pubs, food chains and restaurants are pretty busy with their usual businesses. Likely, some of their customers are political wannabes.

Well, all of the businesses, as well as items which can be used as political campaign materials are already mentioned. And I can say no less, that in the next months, political parties will announce who will be who in the political arena. At this early stage, to mention a few, Sen. Villar, Sen. Roxas, Sen. Legarda, Sen. Gordon, and VP de Castro are the most likely contenders in the presidential race. The prominent political parties that will be in the limelight are the Lakas-CMD, Kampi, NPC, Liberal Party, Nacionalista Party, and the KBL.

Indeed, the interplay of these parties will chart the destiny of this country in the year 2010. But the big question is: Will the Philippines be rigged off again with its financial treasury?

People in the government have lots and lots of graft and corruptions charges being hurled against each other. Issues include SSS Funds to be loaned as part of the economic stimulus package of the government, Senator Santiago on WB probe of Cartel in the $43 million agricultural projects under the 5-year Mindanao Rural Development Program (MRDP), DOE Secretary Reyes sought more powers on LPG dilemma while illegal activities of independent players in the oil market are blamed for hoarding and cartel, Sen. Gordon was complained by former Quezon City Representative Dante Liban for holding two government entities, the PNRC and being a Senator of the Republic; while on the other side, Sen. Gordon accused Rep. Liban about his failure to account the P10million worth of PNRC funds, and so on and so forth.

Finally, I can see that 2010 will be another chapter of Philippine bad history; when legitimate voters will likely be enticed to sell-out their votes to the moneyed few; and would certainly do not take good care what will the Philippines be after, just as long as they could get certain amount of money for a short-lived meal for his stomach and for his family.

Poverty is really the cancer of our debt-burdened Philippine society; without it, there will be no politicians with a chief aim of exploiting its own people. But, there is a hope of sunshine in every rainfall season. Just check out its best time of season.

Note: This article is also published in Rempola.Net Get Paid to Take Surveys