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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

US Intelligence Reforms may spark another milieu of reform within the RP: A duplicate copy is not far to be xeroxed.

International terrorism has brought havoc among civilians all through the world. In fact in becomes a living standard for those who like to live within the cradle of war and expand the same beyond the boundaries of their own ideology or even to self.

People around the globe have been a victim of traitorous attacks as leaders of nation have played and replayed a very tremendous question in the back of their heads on how to contain such devastating wave of human challenge in protecting life and property as the basic foundation of liberty.

There must be reforms!...

While considering themselves as a nation at war, Pres. Bush emphasized that intelligence is their first line of defense against terrorist, US Congress passed the historic legislation of that changed the whole US Intelligence structure which effectiveness could have prevented the 9/11 mishap.

The Americans have learned the lesson of their mistakes and their concern is the safety of rights and liberty to live life away from the terror of their own making or rather the making of those who may be considered as traitors of humanity.

Here in the Philippines, people are living at the remote places where rebels and other lawless elements are roaming around like wild kangaroos, or raging bull, or even pasturing lambs clothe in sheep’s sweater and freely rule the mountains that the AFP could not scour. They frequently sow terror among the populace so that their daily sustenance can be derived from the terrored citizens or act like bandits with their notorious firearms.

No matter what the government is planning to do, these fellow Filipino rebels stand by what their ideology calls for them to do in order to preserve what they believe is right in the eyes of the ideologues. They are willing to die to protect their long march of protracted war against the government. They imitate the events of one country and employ the same in their own lot; while the tremendous setback is a rundown agony of their own victims which even include their very own family.

Reform is a paramount journey to heaven’s horrizon. But when there’s not a government who would preserve their skin from being bitten by notorious mosquitoes who lives within the gallows of their own wrongdoings; surely, government will fail to preserve what freedom has been. In this area, the US Congress did it the best so far.

But look!... My own government can imitate the same strive as US did!

So far, the Philippines has been a camel of local terrorist attacks. Municipal halls and small AFP detachments have been the targets of constant terrorism; and even business establishments were sowed with terror for purposes of revolutionary tax collections! But if government, specially the people composing its bureaucratic structure institute reforms such as moral recovery and many other dilapidated concepts and ideas, or even Intelligence Reforms, which are products of their thoughts, people may not rebel against.

Let me tell you a story. During the typhoon “Unding” and “Yoyong”, the people particularly those who were victims, were asking relief assistance from local government units. One of the known Municipal Executive Officer (MEO) in one of the LGUs were asked to supply the readied relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Unding which came first before Typhoon Yoyong. However, the latter came, thus, the intended distribution was postponed. While during the height of Typhoon Yoyong, a local barangay executive asked relief assistance from Municipal Executive Officer (MEO) to release a number of relief goods to sustain the needs of his constituents who were sheltered in the rooms of the Elementary School in his barangay. However, he was declined to received the same because the MEO has not yet printed his name on the wrappers of the relief goods. The Barangay Captain need to wait further until the Typhoon subside. But the Barangay Captain thought the urgency of relieving the hungry constituents, we went to other Municipal Officers, and it so happened that the Vice MEO was actively doing his job. Thus, the hungered constituents were relieved temporarily of their stomach worries.


This event is very peculiar to happen. But it is so happened because the MEO was somewhat shortsighted and listens to his lietenants with shortsight visions. Funny is it?... or what the heck?!...

My point here is that reforms must be instituted to the whole bureaucratic instrumentalities of the Philippine Government. These reforms must be an urgent answer to the demands of time and to demands of the needs of the whole inhabitants of this choice country. The leaning tower toward destruction is one that brought havoc among the citizens of this country. Everybody including those below the tower of even those beyond the tower contributes to its own destruction. (I’m sorry to use metaphors on this. This might be over religious, I thought).

Anyway, what I can imagine today is that the RP government may have the same thoughts that I have. The mark of an imitator is a retained title of the Filipinos since its institutions as a people. We are fond of imitations and the same is being tried to be injected within the realm of our own culture. Of course, if this would be for good, why not?

As of the moment in time, RP government needs reform from the very core of its existence. The Filipino culture, as I have observed, have been corrupted by a lot of wizards running off the lubricants of governance by simply instigating people to run off the right track and allow them to sell their own very rights for the cause of money.
Hah!... Blatant!... Capricious!...

But beyond all these, there are few good people in the government, when given the chance to perform well, can make the whole country a tremendously progressive one! Only that they are few, and we need to find them and build them up to the ladder, and Intelligence can do the difference on this. I don’t have to mention certain people who went up the ladder to become great Senators, Congressmen, or even President or Vice President, the Philippines is rich these type of people. But, we need to use our intelligence or Intelligence to track down these people. Of course, we have to identify the rotten eggs among the group, and this can only be done thru Intelligence. Thus, I would urge the Philippine Government to do the same as US did even if it would be a duplicate copy or not, it’s all the same: Reform is paramount within our streams of havoc.

I wish that US would always be there at the hilt of everything new. So, I would like to congratulate them in their massive reforms within the ranks of Intelligence Network they’ve been through.

Oh yes!!!, I forgot... I hope that RP government can direct local executives to be merciful in times of need. Shalom! Get Paid to Take Surveys