The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A lot of ordinary people are probably rethinking their personal position on most prominent political issues that haunted the Philippines’ political spectrum bringing up a backlash on the economy which is now slowly getting into a downtrend swing, than martial law times.

During the Marcos times, the least among many, insurgency problem soar up as a result of the widespread crack on political enemies. However, the nationwide development program such as national electrification, farm-to-market roads, and foreign policy work stimulation on Filipino workers, communications and many other infrastructures projects were realized through foreign debts with IMF and World Bank. Literally, these projects are even enjoyed today by many Filipinos.

Although in some quarters, political stalwarts made use of the political dictatorship of Marcos as a political dump of these entire political debacles that shook the Filipino psyche; but when reflecting back the old days as compared today, better days is more likely a great impression among Filipinos who lived the Marcos time. The political fulcrum during the prime Marcos times is more controlled and manageable that even political wizards can say far no less.

Today, we have been experiencing a lot worst of economic shambles when every governmental instrumentality get even attention from a greater power on top of it all---the People. The political structure, some said, is manipulated with corrupt cultures. Far more than that the business world has adopted already a flex on complicated networks that can get to it even beyond the mandate of laws, and are more certainly getting into the economy with the chief aim of controlling the market playground.

Partisan politics has greater influence over National Security. Political players belonging from a different mass of parties are taking charge of their own flocks, drawing all to compete in order to survive, negotiate in order to gain a flap to fly out the political air, bribe to earn trust, give dole-outs to earn sympathy, offer jobs in order to mobilize, threat and counter-threat, and many others, in a grand stand of loop to get a share of the political power.

These political players are providing a hallway of opportunities where the rich political figures are the source of their own lifeblood. Dummies are the institute of graft and corruption; the tree of glories grows out well within its own anonymity and description is the abhorred part; it may either kill you or drag you out of the playing court. Resistance or a counteraction is a great gamble for a few, but, it can still be pursued with impunity or by destruction, of sort, either ways may fall short to too many.

Why?...It’s democracy!...a syndicated democracy by a powerful few.

News like ZTE scandal, Euro generals, Fertilizer Scam, Hello Garci, Senate Leadership shift, Supreme Court fill up of justices, rollback of prices in fuel oil, rollback of fares, and many other more issues can stimulate the minds of many ordinary people. They seem to agree that indeed our government is corrupt and that whoever is going to run the government, graft and corruption will still be present in anyway.

On the other hand, the media is easily drawn in to this hype because some or few people with money can wield power at their own will. They have a clear-cut agenda and short-listed mission to achieve for their very own common good. They control the economic playground by influencing the media to play either side of the coin. A greater bid can make up the rest of its sinister plans, and they can only make this up when they were able to establish credibility because they certainly believe credibility is not left to chance but of action and focus. Money can bring credibility out of its own charm.

The issue of “Impeachment” is getting headway. The players are still the same with the addition of one. They call him the rogue house speaker or sometimes “Joe De Bola”. Of course, this situation only reveals the truth that in politics, you do not have permanent friends or permanent enemies. Ally today, who knows tomorrow, he can be an enemy; or enemy today, tomorrow ally.

As much as many are observing, the political hiccups today is getting worst than the political pains during the Marcos regime; and in my own opinion, this cannot end unless honest people take action. But, the question is, where can we find them? Get Paid to Take Surveys

Monday, November 17, 2008


The only time that Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc Joc” Bolante can breathe a space of relief is when she would reveal the truth, if there’s any or whatsoever, about the P728M fertilizer scam and pinpoint somebody in the Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration as the culprit. After such breather, a paper trail will continue ad infinitum until all the trunks and branches of a big scam tree will finally redound to the President applying therefore the principle of Command Responsibility, and the rest will be history while the country would still be within the agonizing state of economic shambles and crisis and the rampancy of fund diversions and embezzlement will continue to plague its very own culture. After all conduct of investigations in aid of legislation (kuno!), the Senate will file appropriate legislative action against the identified culprit----(of course The President)--- impeachment proceedings will be pursued.

On the other hand, moves will be determinable against the Vice President Noli De Castro who would certainly be the next-in-line and would certainly be the President. However, a lot of the elite people in the government would never wanted VP De Castro because they thought that he is weak, easily manipulated, and sort of overly impeachable again. Henceforth, another move to oust him will certainly follow, and etcetera…and etcetera… and etcetera.

This I’m quite sure is the formulated scenario of those people who are fanning out to destabilize the duly constituted authority. Every move is certainty of facts and actions while the supply of provocative thoughts spills out from the mind of those who really wanted the Philippines to be out of control and pushing again another amendments and revisions of the laws that were promulgated and approved.

As we would notice for the past two decades after EDSA, there was no change in attitude in the Filipino psyche. The perspective is still the same and worst of all, everybody is getting into the flaw while the supply of power lasts!

The said that Pres. Marcos, the dictator, was worst. But this is much greater than worst! Every person in the government are subjected to doubts and squeezing paraffin test by Congress allegedly exercising its own governmental power to find truth and incarcerate the culprits whoever they may be.

If you could notice, the action of the Congress is far fetch and self-serving. The plethora of wise and wizards within the fulcrum of governmental system in the exercise of power as they perceive it to be push every stone of doubts and deceits to undermine the reality of intentions carved within a flowing ember of personal aggrandizement. Be it as it may, people with high plane of knowledge in government, as it is observe down here, are the very ones who’d become the culprit against its own people; and it is the great remorse to a country, rich and pure, in essence and spirit, that truth becomes the product of contempt and the expert exercise of knowledge becomes the entangled hidden agenda of some.

It is really complicated…really… when a corrupt person who knows the ins and outs in the government will partially enthuse that certain people within its own system committed something they believe is not right. The very same people who followed through will someday, when there’s that open opportunity to pursue, become a culprit of their own systemic view of the other. Blame it to the school, they would say.

Anyway, what I can say today as these events occurred in our political arena, may the best find a way to get out of these entanglements.

I hope that one day, my country; will find a new avenue to weed out the entanglements of corrupted laws. Get Paid to Take Surveys