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Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Friday, May 14, 2004

The Burdens in Winning Elections: A Political Scenario

May 8. Two days more to go. Leaders of the candidates are drawing the winning streak. Strategies formulated from the past election experience was soon to be obsolete. Voters stigma seems a burgeoning malady on the side of those who wills to win a seat for the local elective posts.

This day seems to be an never-ending analysis and decision-making process for all the candidates. Telephones and cellphones rang intermittently or even continuedly without let up as the field agents of each candidates are trying to envelope upon their own efforts the burden of convincing the voters to their side. The voters are adamant and would not let go of their enticing. They have decided already. Others are a little bit confused of what's going on, expecting that "something" is going to be cooked up by the aspirants. They get ready into it. They waited along the streets and highways were luxurious cars and wabbled-buggy trucks and jeepneys are driving fast beyond its natural pace. These vehicles were clogged with streamers all around equipped with microphone and amplifiers so to speak. Tricycles on the other hand race their tracks with almost the same equipment of microphone and amplifier.

Moreso, some of the barangay officials and barangay employees were having meetings with the candidates surreptitiously with unknown envelopes where people have been thinking about either money is there or a couple of instructions from their favored candidates was mailed by hand. Nobody knows.

The political stalwarts in the province of Camarines Sur, on the other hand, are trying to analyze their winning stance. They called a meeting with their henchmen and asked them what's going on at their respective places of coverage. Monitoring was on the go! Not one can miss the opportunities of knowing what’s going on in the field. People need to be contacted for certain conferences, either overtly or covertly. Political financiers are also tagging their means to assure their supported candidate that the needed funds is already available in the bank for disposition. Some even have been withdrawn to finance the miscellaneous undertakings at hand to the joy of the candidates and their minions.

Some candidates for senators have already conntacted their people in the province assuring them of support when they get elected.

The Political spectrum now on the verge of either disunity or division. But the candidates are trying to amass a lot of would-be supporters an their backyard. Keeping them, by providing foods and snacks, or even liquor drinks and others. People are getting used to coming the house and enjoy the prepared refreshers and hospitality shown to them by the ushers and usherettes who are either hired or volunteers.

May 9. The expected rest for all the campaign sortie, but the campaign is going to be formally ended at 12:00 midnight, so, there’s still a lot of time for visiting some friends who were not reached during the campaign. Relatives were coming in to visit their candidate even those who are not within the jurisdiction of the political division of each towns and cities. They come like a swarming bees equipped with fallacious greetings or even bad news from their supposed supporters. Everytime, they have with them solicitation envelopes related to their fiesta celebrations or inter-barangay tournaments and many other insurmountable reasons that they could get just to obtain the needed funds for such an activity. (Sssshhhh...this is secret: Some of the money raised were kept inside their pockets specially those envelopex kept opened. The same envelope is being used to another candidate...ha ha ha...wise enough...yes, it’s really wise enough to raise funds easily with the lofty spell!)

May 9, 12:00 midnight. Vehicles were running around the highways and barangay roads like a racing event. People are picked up by certain political leaders for an interview with the candidates; while on its way, the fetcher negotiates with a big smile. He proposes something much promising than the others did. Thence, the envelope which contains the amount as proposed is being handed down to the expectant recipient. Sometimes, the travel would not last up to the supposed destination, it stops in a certain place then letting go of the picked-up people. (This is another technique of vote-buying.) For all we know, inside a car or any vehicle for that matter is a nice place of vending votes!)

Meanwhile, candidates with insufficient funds could not expect a high trend of voting opportunity. Why? People would go for a price! Never mind the sacredness of the ballot, it’s the time to collect from the candidates, they said.

Nighttime, sacks of rice on board a truck was delivered everywhere. The destination is sporadic. People are amazed of such mobility and the swiftness of delivery. Thence, leaders are calling up the number of people who will help them re-pack the sacks of rice by kilos. Everybody participated with amusing smiles and surprising astonishments.

May 10. D-Day. Everyone is busy preparing the breakfast, snacks, and lunch. The candidates have given the fund or some of their friends have delivered a number of kilos of pancit and meat and other ingredients purposely for the refreshment of the voters.

Stories ran out. News are everywhere that certain number of sacks of rice were delivered to such and such. Others have already collected their share. They encourage others to do the same. They followed with blind obedience.

Voters are getting started to swarn the voting places; looking up their names on the list while other find their names, a few murmured finding themselves out of the list. They reported the matter to the local COMELEC office. They were denied to vote for nobody have known them in the place. Others would not want to support because they are identified with the opposing group. Not one lift their hands when the COMELEC officers asked a confirmation inquiry about his/her personal circumstance. Very intriguing indeed.

3:00 P.M. Voting is stopped, counting of ballots commenced. The watchers are now languishing their stomach aches. They needed to get food and some rest. It take a matter of time to count the casted ballots. In their absence, manipulations are going on; while other remained blind, others are openly doing the risk of their lives!

May 11. A lot of scenarios were published and even broadcasted in all radio stations. The local newspapers and tabloids are getting ahead of hand for people are amused with the nude pictures that attracts them. Never mind the news headlines, just get on with it later. The national televisions are having their own hay; interviews are everywhere. Radio stations are playing wild, banterings and bickerings are everywhere; no one knows what to believe and what is not believable. Take your pick....

These four days observations by this writer is a clogged-up dues and I could not keep it inside my heart and mind. I need an outlet. Indeed, I’m lost. Confused. I needed to shout at the hilt! I needed to relax and let my fingers roll in front of the computer. This is my only consolation as I become witness of these tremendous burden that my own people themselves are hauling for their own load.

I can only say that the future of my country may look bleak but there is still faith that embraces all in necessity! Get Paid to Take Surveys

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Silence Is Dangerously Deep in Mudslinging

One of the typical example of the ill-effects of mudslinging during a political fora or political exercise is the silent turn-around of silent voters to sympathize the mudslinged candidate.

Peaceloving people would not want to propagate the culture of corruptive black propaganda during election campaign. They would rather prefer a weak candidate for him to be developed while in office than a claimed-to-be expert who knows no bounds in slinging black propaganda against his/her fellow candidates. People would rather vote for a neophyte candidate than to cast their sacred vote to a wanton oldies who disregard the feelings of the relatives of their opponents in a mouth-battle-tested, arrogant and pernicious talkative. They would prefer to a sympathized-vote for a silent but a surely potential young candidate who has the dynamism to improve while in office than ferocious warrior-like candidate who promises the heavens and the stars to fall down their opponents.

Silence is dangerously deep in mudslinging...this is the lesson I've learned in this May 10, 2004 local and national elections here in the Philippines.

But, these are not all. Nevertheless, other cultures and traditions thrive in some other places where people's upbringing is more of "pride and humility" fighting each other to win the hearts and mind of the people. I have learned that people really mean business when business is brought to their lot in either "political ways". And there are many political ways available for the choosing. We can classify them as autocratic, democratic, egalitarian, Maoist and Leninist, Communistic, Socialistic, and all those that contains the "ian", the "ist" and the "tic" words combined; and the grievous fault is that when we choose one, the consequence of having surely an opponent, in such a certain political perspective and dynamic culturation, is not farfetched.

Today, the aftermath of the last election is quite intriguing, why? Because a lot of people who are now swarming the winning candidates and some if not all of the winning candidates are hiding because of so much expenditures they've incurred. Others are now even having fun with their immediate families accepting greetings and houlahoou from immediate friends and critiques everywhere. Scenarios are drawn every second making choked-up stories to read or even heard over radio broadcasting systems all over the archipelago.

Well, there's the opposite of this hooked-up news and caravan cuddling among candidates who won. They start to learn how to keep silent everytime. Maybe they've learned the past...too much talk, too much mistakes; less talk, less mistakes it's because they've done nothing for the people. (Handsclapping.....Yeheyyyyyy...)

Hypocrisy really cripples the bone to the last bit of strength it has. May be this is one of the essential elements of "silence". (Watch out for the next elections....) Get Paid to Take Surveys

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Price of Selling My Sacred Vote!

Ordinary people today in my place are thinking about the aftermath of the elections just undergone.

These ordinary people (including me, of course) seemed to ignore the early warnings of Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), a national crusade for an honest and orderly elections; as well as the National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL), a private conduit of the Commission Election to ensure the sacredness of the ballot, not to sell their sacred vote to candidates who are attempting to entice them to do so just to win a seat in the local or even national government elective positions.

"Money talks everytime..." said a teacher. "People are really aware that corruption breeds another kind of corruption. The Media has been vigilant enought to remind the voting populace the importance of casting their sacred ballots. They generally tried to condition the minds of the people about responsible voting and even portrayed certain situations about the effects of corrupt voting; but, they refuse to heed..." she continued.

Since the first elections under the 1935 Constitution, breed of corruptions has already been in place. The potential leaders are fighting themselves to gain the upperhand of holding the national government. Maneuvers were undertaken, manipulation of the national consensus about decisions and national policies were railroaded to fit their own whims and caprices in running the government.

One of the prominent statesmen, Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Commonwealth during the American occupation of the Philippines, elusively shouted infront of many spectators: "It is better to see the Philippines run like hell by the Filipinos rather than like heaven by the Americans!!!" (Well, I'm not sure if these were really the words he uttered, I just remembered it now...never mind, just get on with it. It's my history thoughts that is failing.)

Well said Mr. is really going bad now. Your prophesy seems becoming true today. Even ordinary people is radically high enough to contest the government of such wrongdoings. Ha ha ha...wise enough to learn more about his miscontrued facts. No respect of whoever is holding the position of power. They greatly believed about People Power. What the heck! But examining their utterance, it seems though, money flows within their ranks coming from corrupt government officials or corrupt private moneyed-persons who paid their lot for 3-meals food for the day.

I have some information that rallying in the urban centers is now becoming a prosperous business among well-educated or ill-educated people in my country. Money talks, they said. And when money speaks, everybody listen, thence, act. But, of course, there are others who played truthfully the dimensions of their struggle for the sake of the poor. While this could be so, we could not truthfully assure the general public or the potential foreign investors, that the economy is running well. (Well, what's for the country is going dry...and there's is a great drought going on among truth-seekers, who else could be thinking that this country is getting the greatness that it lost sometime?)

As history will teach us the wisdom of learning more to gain more...the aftermath is worst enough to convince me that the decisions of the first statesmen of my country before it gained independence from the Americans WAS RIGHTFULLY WRONG!!!...but what they've done was awfully RIGHT!!! It's a matter of choice between good and evil, and it seems that the choice was between the two warring sides. It means that my country is living within the clutches of both good and evil. (Sigh!)

Anyway, going back to the price of selling my sacred vote....I should say that even 1/3 of my countrymen is doing this; another 1/3 is keeping this, and the last 1/3 is highly paying this...the summation would still reflect the rottenness of the hearts of those unscrupulous people who taught the Filipinos to see precious price of gold and silver; who taught the Filipinos to value more of their properties; who taught the Filipinos to study government from other countries and employ the same here in the Philippines; who taught the Filipinos that working abroad is much better than sacrificing a few peso to give it to the paupers; who taught the Filipinos to regain its greatness by empty promises so that others will follow suit; who taught the Filipinos to business as usual that everything they gained from their own practice of profession is worth than to stay stagnant among the poor; who taught the Filipinos that beauty is in the face of everyone that by grabbing the property of the other controls everyone who are living in it; who taught the Filipinos that we do not have our own identify that we belong to the culture of the world and every nations owns us!!!! (What the heck, no one might listen this poor shout...)

Okay...I thirst for the truth, really. But what can I do. I don't have to isolate myself from my countrymen; and I hope by doing so, I could learn a lot of wisdom by the way they treated their ownselves.

The price of selling my sacred vote?'s the price of my whole country! Get Paid to Take Surveys

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Hiatus of Philippine Politics

Today, the Philippines is given to deciding who will be their political leaders. People are rallying in the streets with a shout of either joy or madness. They contest the result of the last May 10, 2004 elections, posting their own desire that FPJ, short for Fernando Poe Jr, won the election and that the present administration of Pres. Arroyo is amending the results of the people's voice. The media is playing the lead role of informing the public. But, you have to choose among them: which is telling the truth and which is hyping. Such a malady; a gross supplantation of the truth. Everybody wills to win and only a few cast their lots.

The hiatus of Philippine politics is much to the grievance of all that even those from the farflung areas of the Philippines, while listening to the radio reports (because no TV is available yet), shouts their grievances to naught. They've pestered their own selves with much afflictions and hatred. They blamed the government for its apparent apathy and ineptitude; they blamed the politicians who were buying the votes in order to win the seat of government; they blamed everyone except their ownselves.

Truly, the political bickering is most serious today that even the small unit of governance forget the truth of true public service.

"I can see that my country is now on the verge of collapse..." says a fisherman. "...and we can only blame ourselves." He added.

"But no! is not us who should be blamed..." says the vendor, "'s a matter of education...a matter of governance...and many other factors that molded the Filipinos of long ago and now inherited by us. We need to look back the past to see the present...'What our ancestors have done before?' this is the great question that we need to answer and understand today."

"Yes, it could be. But there is more than simple things done halfway. We need to realize the things that we have done first; the decisions we've made; the actions that we have undertaken, and to see the result. And look what's there...the seed of corruption still lingers to every bit of us. We could not deny it," said the old man who's been observing us chatting.

We can blame the Spaniards with their bigoted teachings of the Bible; we can blame the Japanese who taught us cruelty of human race by cutting off heads or stabbing babies while up in the air; we can blame the Americans who taught us education as a way of life; we can blame the first politicians who sold us to invaders; and we can blame everybody who hearkened to the enticing of much evil deeds! This is it!...the seed of corruption is nowhere to be found now but everybody is afflicted with it; and it's no longer just a seed; it's become already the blood of corruption streaming to every single vein of a Filipino citizen. (I'm sorry, but this is what I see. It includes me, of course!)

Now, I could only realize that I am one of the products of this corruptive deeds because I did a single corruption of my own just as everybody did in the last May 10, 2004 election. What I did?...I have accepted the 2 kilos of rice; 2 canned goods; and 2 noodles for a vote to the candidate. This is the first time that I did accept it. This is madness!!!! Anyway, the candidate that I voted won to the grief of others who lost because they could not do otherwise.

Thus, the hiatus of Philippine politics even to the last ditch of clear mind and spirit is marred with a number of kilos of rice, canned goods and noodles. This is the mark of so much poverty...the result of corruption which comes from the poor man himself.

Who to blame???...nah...everybody does it...why can't I or anybody else? United we stand, united we fall... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....madness...purely madness... Get Paid to Take Surveys