The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Political maturity is far more grumpy when politicians are stimulating hatred and mistrust against each other if only to swing votes on their respective sides. The camps of regionalistic or even tribal views are airing black clouds of doubt and the climate of indifference and comparability is what makes the political scene a very crooked and rough road to public office.

We can observe the diffraction of good politics when we try to define the wave of the political climate as it assiduously penetrate the minds of the voting public. The mudslings, now supported with iron trough filled with worms of rhetorics and uncalmly personal graft weaved by long painful desire to win a public office, wholly made up the whole process of the political campaign becoming a stage of theatrical blames while the public issues are being careened out of protraction causing the climate of hatred and mistrust among many. And this kind of politics is very contagious and unrelenting because it blindfolds the dangerous road to nothing.

The black props creatively drawn over night tables and caffeinated sticky hops can obviously undermine good political intents; even neophyte politicians are being attracted to it.

So, what’s the difference?

We can see both the professionals, or let’s say, the traditional politicians and the neophyte politicians, grappling against each other, pushing one to end, stimulating their own political groups to a point of contention, while secret combinations are being cooked up in a darkened room of bad inventions and creative theatrics to make their respective bandwagons loaded up with ammunition boxes to carry on the battle for public office. And this is a very expensive kind of politics because the irresponsible or even legitimate media itself can become an artillery of cannons, howitzers, missile launchers, and mortars of black propaganda purposely to pulverize political opponents.

So, we can see the pictures of politicians likely standing as war generals, carrying out a political battle, drawing every sphere of tactical and political offensives, against their opponents. Every group is a threat or a friend; every voter is a participant or a victim; every public office is a symbolic goal of success or a place of hatred and mistrust. The choice depends upon how politicians have drawn out their own face value in the eyes of mistrusted public, and vice versa.
The unlimited opportunity is great and the political field is still hungered with rarity and new creative inventions, bad or good, to win a public office; and media, legitimate or not, can offer a better perspective to win or lose. It also depends how big is your purse!

Meantime, we can feel the essence of political dilapidation and curtain raising ceremonies as it-pays-off activities for politicians. Campaign managers are busy scheduling appointments and media exposure engagements, pushing every button to stimulate a winning momentum for their candidates; wise decision-making is a place of refuge when it results good graphical image for their candidates in the sight of the voting public, as well as a place of frustration when it flops; but actually either place offers no comfort, only subjection.

On the moneyed perspective, we can observe how they desire a change in the stream of politics. They seemed participative in a way of unlikely vote decisions. Surveys are conducted to ascertain their voters’ behavior, but is not enough to guarantee a win-win situation on the part of the candidates when the particulars of the survey is intended to make-up favored candidates.

I believe surveys are conducted because survey companies are earning big profits on sponsorships. The behind-the-scene multi-national companies are the ones stimulating these surveys because they are aware that right candidates to support can catapult profitability on their sides. They sponsor surveys because they want to make sure that their political contributions will pay up a greater fractional value in terms of their usual business with government. No matter what will happen to elections, they have to offer a realistic business plan for the new government reign-holder.

As we can see now, the presidency itself is a great value for business. This is the most probable aim of every presidentiable. The opportunity to earn money is immeasurable in the back sides and slim side of the coin. Every single blank wall of a president or a vice president will be written with money signs right after their terms. Thus, graft and corruption is already a malignant tumor or a brain cancer; and the incruciating pain is incomparable than the cause of typhoon Ondoy or the El Niño phenomena; while its mucuous secretion when blown is very much sticky and contagious.

On the voters perspective, their feel of belongingness and acceptability is earned when politicians are reaching their homes and shaking hands with them. How joyful it really is! They just saw them in TV or heard their voices over radio, and now they are in front of them smiling, hugging, shaking, giving, and promising heavens out of their poverty; sharing the same hope and aspirations, as these politicians are trying to win their hearts and minds. The voters are truly happy with it and are even willing to share the same vision.

Finally, I should say this time that the political stream of Philippine politics is now journeying a very traumatic surgical operation from the sick bed of long-ago rhetorics and dyed promises of political traditions. It seems that even the new seeds of political hope is now turning into the arrays of false vision of patriotism, and sickened nationalism, as these political neophytes are competing the age-old political extremities that traditions can offer anew.

I hope their yielding to it is just fine, so that they can offer a new political stream that can bring out the best in Filipino votes. I just hope that the tadpole will not turn out a frog! Get Paid to Take Surveys