The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today is the last day of 2008 in the Philippines; I come to realize that I should write a yearend analysis or something that would record in general the events happening in my country.

In the good world, news from all over the Philippines featured a lot of differences that talked about culture, tradition, methods, cooking, clothes, fruits, feng shui, jewelries, and many other variety topics which when you realized lately, in a good perspective, would certainly bring every Filipino into various brighter mode where you can see them smile, greet, prepare for noche buena and a lot of other good activities, for the New Year.

TV and Radio programs talked about New Year’s Resolutions of known actors and actresses, street children, street pugs and beggars, or the elite such as the politicians like senators and congressmen, or big businessmen and entrepreneurs who are successful this year, and who’s who are winning the Metro Manila Film Festival, TV and Radio stations winning surveys, local and national newspapers widely read, TV programs and hosts mostly viewed, and others. Indeed, this is the yearend performance evaluation test of the variety of events that took place in 2008.

Doomsayers and Soothsayers are now getting into the spotlight. TV and Radio anchors and hosts are now swarming around their crystal balls seeking answers to expected or unexpected events that would happen comes 2009.

Streets all around the metro area have experienced traffic jams caused by small vendors occupying street sidewalks and gutters for their lots.

Farmers and their land lords are sharing harvest for a food gathering and gifts giving Christmas celebration.

Law enforcers in different areas are now on red alert not against pity crimes or jay walking violators but against extremists and terrorists whose sinister plans may include bombing malls and restaurants where people usually hang out to celebrate the yuletide season; or kidnap and hold-up gangs are also on go!

On the other hand, in the bad world, the political bigwigs, saboteurs, crocs and grafters, kidnap and hold-up gangs, snatchers and pickpockets, drug lords and gambling lords, are making celebration, or counting their loots, and their telephones and cell phones are pretty busy calling or answering calls from friends, relatives, and benefactors. Greetings in their own bad world are certainly quite different from the good world. Their “his” and “hellos” are all in unison as their hearts are full of happiness in filthy playgrounds and mansions.

Of course, they have their own Christmas and New Year celebrations and resolutions. Their thoughts are more concentrated whether they would lie-low or continue as opportunities will be the determining factor in all their bad actions. Their evil deeds surmount every tide and their spirits are all inflamed with greed, anger, hatred, revenge, and other worldly semblance. Many would call them as bugs, hackers, criminals in uniform, or criminals in robe. Whatever manner other people would call them, they don’t care. They would just have to enjoy it.

Okay, this is all that I can think about. Whatever world you may belong, I would just have to say, make the most of it and while it lasts!

Of course, to the bad guys, when it lasts you may be going to the Senate Jail or Town/City Jails, or when you died in an encounter with law enforcers, you may have your trip going to the Hades or hell.

So choose while it lasts yet the bargain is still open.

To all: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all the best. Get Paid to Take Surveys