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Thursday, December 16, 2004

FPJ’s Demise is a new signal for the Movie Industries to Refocus Movie Productions; and Timbre of People’s Fashion for Pornographic Shows

For quite a long time, my chagrin over Philippine movies that showed pornographic scenes remained still. I’ve learned from so much reading that movie producers, as much as possible, produce a big budget for investors to pin their share. Later when all money is obtained, they would just trim down expenditures and insert in the process some porno materials that would likely attract movie viewers to come along and see the movie.

I have learned that producers, writers, directors, actors and actresses, or even the lighting technicians and gaffers, clappers and make-up artists, and other crews would certainly prefer the porno inserts just for the heck of it. It is therefore viewed elsewhere, of course including here in the barangays/barrios, that when movies have porno inserts, particularly in those parts that entails husband and wife relationship or fleeting moments between boy and girl friends, have trimmed down production budget. These culprits think of piracy within their midst as a very profitable trade. So, they thought about keeping the “full shots” of these porno scenes, reserved for “exclusive audience only”.

There are private houses that caters these type of movies and only those people with batteries of credit cards like Visa and American Express attend every exclusive viewing. (Oh well, what an expose’!... These rotten thoughts of malversed people carried away legitimate business in order to gain a better edge of income-generating ventures thru piracy even if it affects the whole industry itself. They thought of Europeans openly hugging the headlines because of “Nudity Effects” among executives and legislators!)

Ssssshhhh.... go... just find it yourself.

What is musingly done is the queer thoughts of some Directors of these movies who are trying to keep the high standards of movie productions (less the backside thoughts of their other income venture) and appear in some TV shows trying to correct what is traditional with their own “third state” thoughts of people acting in front of the cameras. Sophisticated as it would seem to be, but the bitter pill is more tasted by those very people who acted upon their own enticing insistence with the promised high-billing costs and money in the drawer.

Hahahahaha... funny!

But anyway... let’s go back to the FPJ demise. I believe that with the eventual demise of the King of Action Movies, the likes of Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Raymart Santiago, Jestoni Alarcon, Rudy Fernandez and a lot more Action Stars will be aiming their guns to at least to be at par with the King. More action movies will come its way among premiere theaters all over the country depicting violence and all that the writers can thought. Of course, it would certainly include porno movies; and ordinary people, or can we call it the “masses”, will be piling up the entrance of movie theaters trying to hit the screening deadlines after work or belay other appointments just to watch movie. Well, we have it here in the Philippines a good advise: “Relax. See Movie” banners all in every ads of the newspapers or magazines; or even in the corners. But, how could you be relaxed when you see a very stressful movie that carries away the dooms of your emotions and embed in our hearts malicious thoughts and all-flying bad words coming out from the mouth of the idolized stars. (Whew!... a centavo of your thoughts?)

Anyway, the whole movie industry as of this time may better track all the record-breaking movies that idolized FPJ or even ERAP a very long time.

I have a question in mind: Can FPJ demise change the whole movie industries? Will pornographic movies will reign in the midst of every triumph that the man did achieve?

I hope that the fiscalizers in the movie industries will find its way to re-evaluate the facts of why rotten movies die easily with its own time together with the actors and actresses that performed it maliciously.

As of this time, I can’t say something about the future of the movie industry. But, I believe that FPJ’s sterling movie records will spark a new hope within the midst of anything unusual to happen. Can’t wait to see it.

Hey... movie reviewers can’t you see the rot?!... Get Paid to Take Surveys