The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The wrath of Oil Deregulation Law seems to show a corrupted mindset of lawmakers who crafted it with viciousness of self vested interests

Old and new players in a game of deregulated oil price, the crocodile tankers of fuel oil, moved a vicious and greedy false move of introducing an overnight increase in oil price freely invoking the speculated increase in the world market. It was a classic mobility where a false move in a game of chess was done where each move is a domino of constricted stratagem delicately studying the world as a market force that certainly affect human behavior. Thus, the oil deregulation law becomes now a market place of deceits and a vineyard of corruptions where some unscrupulous lawmakers and businessmen at point made themselves a phletora of chronic international saboteurs.

The oil producers observed how peoples respond to certain economic hiatus particularly to innovative designs of motor vehicles and speed flow while a crack of sinister maneuvers have alredy been prepared by their cohorts through advertisements in order to win the hearts of the people who would certainly love luxuries at its best fashion. This is a good perspective from on top of the corporate business world where equipments are designed to overrule human fashions to attain ultimate speed and efficiency whereever it is ripe to mend among the stream of human fashion. However, whoever rots from its innovative traditions would joyfully die, but die sweetly.

On the other hand, the greatest number of people who depend much of the production of goods and services for a cheaper peso value could never expect to survive when they are being lured in to the same cunning enticements to go to the malls and supermarkets that were built purposely for the exhorbitant consumers’ spree after paydays. These poor people who were lured in to live life as it invites them to accept the modern fashion of consumerism as inclined to have been introduced to them by media... after a short stay, with sigh, these consumers usually or let say frequently say “Money Comes, Money Goes.” Life is simple and short, let’s enjoy it with fashion as they usually say just as what it was like in time immemorial.

Economists in particular are kind of new in this regard for the volume of consumerism have gone up uncontrollable hints where every corner of the indicators shows strategic value to the macro-economic logistical framework. It is as if a chronic virus has gone astray and uncontrollably affecting every bit of human needs. The market place is generally vibrant as if a wind of blowing thunder cursed every land of prosperity and everything therein has meaning to their own peculiar inquisitiveness in experiments. They viewed it as opportunities in every turn, although, in fashion these economic indicators are all products of their synergetic symbolism, if I may allowed to say so, or blatantly, a result of their voracious reading of similarities beyond every mosaic constant.

Even though this market place is vibrant, but the least of its own opportunity, the more that people are being deprived of their expected economic benefits out of every economic opportunity, the more the poor demands completion; the more that people are being suppressed with their rightful enjoyment for salary increase (to be more specific), house for the poor, or other economic benefits, the more that they depend on it speculatively, and the more that they are becoming irrational, and the more that they demand dispositioned pressure, for the foolish economist own making. This is a kind of conditioning the mind. And when re-conditioning will be done for an outright acceptance of speculative facts as observed from the behavior of craving the expected economic benefits, the more people are making crazy out of it. The more that the economic crocodiles work out a deal to exploit these economic behavioral tendencies. (What a slap to poor thinker...just as I am)

Moreso, with the advent of speed up technology, the advance of crafty designs of deceits and deceitfulness are at a hiatus where the made up deceptions are well-balanced to the highest standard of a mind-boggling framework. The heavy needs of the people for their demand of economic benefits, equity in income distribution, equality among racial colors, the whole world of make believes, has wrought havoc among simple people who were made to believe an economic miracle. The principles of economics are becoming obsolete with the new crafty and oftentimes demandable cravings of new thinking and new technology.

The businessworld in particular is closely studying the behavioral patterns of the people’s way of life and fashions. When cellphones were introduced to the market, everybody believes that it can bridge communication gap between peoples and interests, culture and arts, but in reality now, it has become a chronic need for every person who are lured in to its own pit. Poor people buy cellphones to communicate, and today, in the Philippines alone, there more than 28 million of cellphone users, and the profiteering of the cellphone companies is a vibrant indicator of economic upheaval. People were enticed to get in to it, now they could hardly find a way to get rid of it. Truly, good business can be derived from the very inner fashion of human individuals.

Cunning isn’t it? The imaginations from time immemorial has become a reality. It has come up the stage where the theater of ideas, concepts, principles, doctrines in all aspects of development are embodied in fashionable hiatus --- politics and geopolitics in one simple chip. It has become a cheap commodity among leaders of nations for they practiced it everyday in all their political and economic affairs. Religiosity is out of the question for it embodies a chronic disease to the human needs and human greed. The purpose of modernization which was introduced many years past, have come to a verge of nearly achieving the hilt of it. Well, economics is relly economics.... a lot of assumptions work within the fulcrum of a dreamer’s world --- when it gets by, everybody winch a pain but with apparent acceptance of its naturality as if they’ve thought it over with.

Today, these scenarios is working within the economic system of the Philippines. A stragetic employement is done where fashion to everything new is apparent and people are made to believe that it is done accordingly. Globalization is indeed geopoliticking, an spectrum of truths and half-truths while the so-called economic safety nets is working by the benefits of a few benefactors. All that you could see is the practice of hope in every stumbling stone of disbeliefs and deceitfulness of purpose.

These are the things that poor people see from down under the economic hiatus as composed by higher economic thinkers of the day.

Now from here under, we look up a great theater of ideas, models, fashions, intellectuals, concepts, doctrines, principles alluringly painting the sky where the birds are being shooed away of their flying space; where the clouds are being made an extraordinary landing suite of the rain, where human fashions have invaded eventually the air players by its subtlety. The variety of players confused every spectator and in the end, suffer the consequences of his own foolishness.

I’m sorry, this lampoon craddles no area of thoughts... but a free way of dreams to get by... Now I ask: “Is this really true?... My country is on play?...”

Ah, vicious... so viciously designed... we’re becoming a guinea pig of economics.... so terrible... so terribly cunning art of deceitful inclinations and grandeur... and mind you, a voice from down under can never recoil an impregnable venue of secret combinations in the political arena nor you could hear a shout from the dust of disbeliefs...

Truly rapacious... the indignant political crocodiles or should I say reptiles, hold on the reign of government with rapacity of income greeeeedddd.... and all that we may witness from down under is the inevitable curse of their wealth to swallow them underneath the pit of their own destruction that these crocs have fashionably designed for a devil’s empathy...

What more can I say so?... Now, I see destruction... and a few may witness it... soon... and the stage is on play... lights! Get Paid to Take Surveys