The Lost Filipino

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Monday, December 08, 2008


Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao once again showed his boxing prowess can hyped the world and unify his countrymen for a moment of spectation. This unique charm of faith, hope, courage and determination, iconize Pacman to be the No. 1 Pound-for-Pound Boxer of the world.

Boxing analysts in the U.S. who were all praises for Oscar De La Hoya, who is a Mexican-American citizen, and put in the bushel of showing Pacman as an underdog, were stunted by the exceptional showing of Pacman skills inside the ring. It was a tremendously different Pacman that they saw: more powerful, focused, brave and determined to win the fight. They believed that it was an insurmountable challenge for Pacman; but instead, the skill charm of Pacman turned the bushel upside down on De La Hoya and eventually filled it up again with lots of praises on Pacman.

The whole world saw it as a lopsided fight, a mismatch, as they say. It was not De La Hoya fighting. It was someone else! The fight was tagged as a Dream Match for Pacquiao, and believed to be a resurrection of De La Hoya from the drift of the limelight of the boxing world, but it turned out to be a tower of Babel with lots and lots of confusion among many.

Some speculations say that De La Hoya just gave out the fight in exchange of money or something; and that many believed that it was De La Hoya who actually win in terms of money thing. It was his Golden Boy Promotions that managed their boxing promotions and indeed, the whole world was caught in hype of this Dream Match. Anyway, this is business. Everything in boxing is business just like everyone else.

I just hope that in this kind of lopsided fight, whoever are the people involve in the negotiations and promotions, have clear conscience to look back the luster of fame and the glowing ember of hope among many that indeed they saw a real fight of the two legendary boxer of the world.

On Manny, I was greatly overwhelmed by his different fighting style, skills, and speed that went through all odds. His great desire of bringing honor to the country brought home a beacon of hope, unity, and a chance for peace to prevail in a short moment of high plane and submission beyond the variety of many differences among the Filipino people. This combination of temporal and spiritual upheaval, I can say, is an apparent phenomenon that brings forth a hypothermic relevance of views among many poor Filipinos to believe that poverty is never a hindrance to success. Everyone has a chance if only to believe and get the confidence like that of Many Pacquiao.

Today, our country is mired with a lot of contradictions from side to side--- from the left to the center, from the center to the left and right, from the right to the center and to the left. This spacious arena of contradictions only brings out the best of the Filipinos, as I can see it. I believe that the Filipinos today are being tested by time and by opportunities to become mature and conjuring people to hypnotically carry a greater responsibility among many people of the world, because many believed that there is no part in the world that Filipino descents can not be found. From the north to the south hemisphere, from the east to the west hemisphere, Filipinos are all around. They are equipped with their own wit, courage, determination, hope, and love of country. They are brave to pursue whatever endeavor they have been facing and would never forget where they may have come from.

Although, some have live with the pride of their societal status, rich or in the middle class wherever they may be, still the sterling character of a Filipino blood flows in their veins, the patriotic fervor that burns deep in their hearts, cannot and will never be denied, that they have inherited a noble blood of courage, independence, a spirit of long-suffering, freedom and liberty loving, and above all, the humane love, being a son or daughter of a dearly loving Heavenly Father.

Indeed, Filipinos today will rise above the many unexpected expectations of the people in the world over; and my only wish is to be a part of it, and so do by many of us. Get Paid to Take Surveys