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Friday, July 25, 2008

Does Philippines is defeated by its own folly, or were the heroes failed their cause of freedom? Would the NFA food lines break and sinker?

I have been contemplating a lot nowadays as to what cause my country on the verge of frenetic economic downtrend. I just can’t find an appropriate description as adjectives may fail to describe the real score.

Does Philippines is defeated by its own folly, or were the heroes failed their cause of freedom? This question has bugged me a lot. Because today, in my small town residence, people are getting started to starve while others are lining up their way to buy a cheaper rice which cost only P18 pesos supplied by the National Food Authority. Though the work is purposely to at least ease out the hungry stomach to getting further feel the sourness of water as a temporary feeder to sustain a day, a lot of other people are engaging in a more sorely manner of cheating, begging, robbing, snatching, etc…etc… and the proverbial religiosity among people is making the wave of problems for confused authorities.

I have heard also from other places that the NFA rice is being sold out of the authorized tag price because filthy businessmen is betting into earning a lot of money, because they were the ones being authorized by NFA to sell out the rice. One major setback being felt by the people is that when rice harvest season in a peak, the price of palay consumably went low that drains out the farmers of their expected gain. Government authorities just played on with their meagre resources and could not eventually equate the capacity of rich businessmen with all the bounty of money being paid out in advance to farmers until harvest time. When planting season is about to begin, the price gone up and farmers are being dismayed over the prices of fertilizers and the lowering supply of their hoarded supplies intended for the lean season.

Economics in simpler terms have overlooked the effect of its theoretical concepts and does not, of course, include the producer’s point of view, but only concentrate on the meeting of demands over the needed supply. Well, this is how I learned. Maybe, I was absent when my professor talked about the macro levelling on the whole perspective of the economics; and plainly, I would prefer the micro range of the economic purview.

In my level, I could see the collaborative efforts between the private and public view awesomely aimed at earning profits from a least capital.

I remember that in the 1970s, the Philippines was noted of its agriculture fervour. Where rice and other agricultural products was a means of prosperous living, thus, farmers become the backbone of the Philippine society. As time went on, and changes were inevitably unrelenting, the modern days of farming have introduced the use of chemical fertilizers as a means of convenience to raise production, instead of preferring to utilize the organic means of farming, because according to studies, it produces less and could not meet the ever increasing demands of supply in the market.

Filipinos literally sustained their food needs in 3 to 5 times a day consumption which, of course, includes in-between meals known as snacks. Many years, we have sustained this habit in spite of hardship and imbalanced economic paradigm, the people still worked out to meet this pernicious living standard. Eventually, many are suffering from hypertensions and diabetes; and the doctors advise the patients to lessen rice intake and instead eat raw foods when possible.


You know, Filipinos when prohibited to eat rice and meat more frequently, the more that their appetites grab their desire.

Are we doomed to experience our foolishness?... Well, I’m confused yet.

I just sit here in front of my computer while my mind wanders, “Does Philippines is defeated by its own folly, or were the heroes failed their cause of freedom? Would the NFA food lines break and sinker?” It stinks wildly much.

Politics really rots and it rots rapidly here in the Philippines. Freedom? ... soooo much freedom so that the Senate overly acts like Courtroom while the Justice Department wilely sits and wait. Get Paid to Take Surveys

Thursday, July 24, 2008

State of the Nation Address will highlight the Presidential long-term work perspective for the Congress to undertake legislation at the fore!

One of the best moment as a Filipino citizen is to hear the presidential perspective that is going to be delivered by a duly elected President as the head of state. The SONA or State of the Nation Address by the President highlights the general outlook of how the head of state should work in his/her term of office and how should it be concretized by legislative action. I believe that’s the reason why it must be delivered during the inaugural opening of Congress. SONA gives directions to the different machineries of the government more particularly the Legislature, so that government can work out for the best interest of its people.

As I see it today, even the legislators seem to abhor SONA because they believe that it brings out the usual niceties, colors and make-up that a President is dreaming to achieve. The Philippines is populated by brilliant people with brilliant mind; but, SONA is not about brilliancy…it is about a purpose…a clear perspective of work…a definition of task…a clear-cut view of things to be achieved…a finite emphasis of what is needed and what is to be done…a need to be satisfied…a problem to be resolved with a resolute mind and spirit. SONA is a matter.

I felt dismayed over Senators and Congressmen who are planning to BOYCOTT the SONA of the President, “saying it will likely be filled with the usual niceties.”

Be that as it may, hey, Senator, you haven’t done things of purpose yet. Hey, Congressman, you seem to get absent more frequently now, because you expect that the president will deliver the same niceties. Hey, save your face!... The people voted you to work in the legislature as you wanted it and as you planned it, as you manipulated it. But now, a simple task of attending the SONA, you would not appear? Are you childish, Senator?... Are you a baby, Congressman. Do we need to baby-sit you, and pray that you should attend? Please have your conscience examined. You’ve been receiving the “usual niceties” all your life since you get elected in that office. Is the “usual niceties” overly not enough to pay off your attention? Do you really understood the meaning of “legislation”.

Please allow me to remind of something; and in my simple pace, try to comprehend the venue of thoughts that comes out from mind.

To run the government, the Head of State gives direction. To execute something to benefit the people, it needs legislation. The Head of State could not pursue his/her work without the back-up legislation that it needed to legitimize the implementation of his/her plan of actions. This is what we call “the balance of power”. One could not work without the back of the other. This is reciprocity of action. What the head of state can work out, it is because it underwent legislation. Simply, the executive executes only after legislators legislated, thus, what the executive have accomplished, it’s the accomplishment also of the legislators. This is how government should be.

Now, comes July 28. The president will deliver her SONA not because she fared well or she failed to achieve the things that she needs to do and achieve. She would deliver her SONA to give direction to legislation. This is real purpose of the SONA, and I believe President Arroyo will repeat other important things that she needs to do, and your legislative action is badly needed to legitimize her action. Hey, Senator… are you listening? Hey, Congressman… are you hearing?... We need you there… You have to be present. You are compelled to listen the rhetoric of our hopes because you are our representative. You make amends to those that needs amendments support your president, because she is our head of state. We pushed you up, don’t push us down. Just be there…we pray… and take action. She is our president, our head of state. Just let her do her best while you take legislative action. Just be there…we pray. Listen to our rhetoric… hear our voice. Whatever others may call it, just be there.

Don’t get absent, or the people will mark you a big X. Get Paid to Take Surveys