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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Philippine Government is blinded with so much popularity issue on Iraq Victim

There has been so much hype on the case of Angelo dela Cruz, a cargo truck driver kidnapped by Iraqi militants and was about to loss his head if the Philippine government have had refused to withdraw its miniscule humanitarian troops deployed in war-torn Iraq.   Were it not for Angelo dela Cruz, our troops would have staying in Iraq up to August 2004.
In anyway, the implication of such withdrawal of troops signifies many negative impression on the part of the international community who’d been observing the actions of the Philippines towards resolving this issue.  Unlike Bulgaria and Korea who’d been supportive to US action against the regime of Saddam Hussein, now ousted President of this middleast country, it nearly buckledown the already spent effort of the US in terms of stabilizing the situation in Iraq.  The withdrawal of the staunch supporter of the US, the Philippines, brought a wasted risk of lives among those who were willing to gamble their own resources just to let go and free the chained people of Iraq.
The action of the Philippine government have caused collapsed international diplomatic relation that would, in the long run, affect the country’s relation with other countries.  Dealing with terrorists, indeed, is not an easy task; and the Philippines closely know why the US refuse to negotiate with terrorists.  They have their own experiences and wisdom why they wouldn’t tolerate such demands and yield to the negotiations.
I can see the wisdom also on the part of my government.  But in any angle of perspective and dynamic realization, such negotiation with the terrorist is a cuddling action that we, as Filipinos, have that intimate views about one person in relation to the bigger proportions of the population who’d been in the quagmire of poverty as caused by decisions that have no strategic value at all in terms of the global situation.
For last two months at most, the country has been within the spotlight of the world: observing what actions and alternative would the Philippine government do to resolve this impasse.
Now that the crisis is over; still the issue did not die down that slow.  It even increased into a tremendous magnitude as if the whole of the Philippines is on for a festivity; and the media is feasting for Angelo dela Cruz and other issues of higher priority is now laid down to give way of welcoming the man who’ve awakened the eyes of the world and see the “cowardice” decision of my own government.  I don’t know how will I call it.  But it hurts and caused so much pain for the whole wide world that my country have this “entangled tendency” to yield to the enemies of the world --- the terrorists.
I could not blame my government of such a hard decision.  But still, I just hope that this would not cause so much trouble when other times come.  History repeats itself. Get Paid to Take Surveys