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Monday, June 21, 2004

Election Canvassing: Graphical Scheme to Plot the Nation's Dramatic Destiny

It has been a gruelling event for everyone in Congress, in COMELEC, the Supreme Court that the recently concluded national canvassing for Presidential and Vice Presidential Race. It has brought the whole nation into somewhat quadratical equation at which the people begin to submerge into an impeccable uproar or a split-second revealing tendencies to go either against or in favor.

The characters of the whole event profusely charted every move either in upper or downtrend hopes and all. As I could described it to be a dramatic trauma for everyone when the teeth of the law has been moved to act in itself and plot the certainty of its result and the aftermath could have been a big turmoil.

Election canvassing was tauted to be the slowest when compared to other nations election. So far, I believe that the Philippines have charted again another “first” in the history of all nations. During the canvassing, you could see the workloads and how these workloads have traumatically effected within the realm of its conceptual profanity or heaven-like divinity. Everybody played certain roles within their own realm where events have plotted up to the very end of the last certificate of canvass.

Now, I have understood very well that the chartered course of exercising the very event as was anticipated during the flexing of the election laws within the aupices of congress before it has been approved; I have seen the wisdom of all the people who get involved in one way or another, how this law has made its own markings. I could even say, that the events that transpired during the canvassing of certificate of canvass, was really working well, except for some lopeholes which gave each party a gruelling or even a delicate move that would have caused chaos or even civil war instead.

As everybody sighed in joy for the last COC, it was surprising that no other than the pinch-heater Sen. Aquilino Pimentel who moved to the Chairman of National Canvassing Board to canvass the COC from Cagayan de Oro City with an earlier negotiation that no more objections that would eventually delay the canvassing. I was surprised by such move of Sen. Pimentel, while everybody in the gallery stood up and clapping for such a surprising move. The TV announcers was even astonished to the action taken by Sen. Pimentel; they believed that it was a historic move for the whole watching nation that the prime mover of the opposition wisely yield to the exigency of the canvass bringing the whole into a new perspective.

It was indeed a wise yielding that the opposition gained the approving smile of the whole nation. It was so simple to heal the already acute atmosphere of dissension and chaotic maneuver from some quarters; and the whole nation eventually see the yielding gesture why there’s a need of opposition.

I have gained a lot of wisdom in the whole event that happened in the Philippines’ political exercise. The law was placed as a machinetic grawl at which the oil and lubricants on how it will run when put into execution as the people carpentered it were all aware of things that actually will take place. The law in action is a law for good indeed when the whole people playing the main characters and villains have done their parts assidiously as expected from them.

I could feel the tension that threatened every quarter of the whole nation. The opposition eventually yielded the sustained and critical fight of their own lives; the administration have done the best of their wisdom to maintain sobriety and calmness as they dealt with every accusations and mudslinged rusts coming from every side of the playground.

Wow! was a wonderful play-act. The canvassing was timed to be finished during the nationwide celebration of the Fathers’ Day. It was critical and it has put the whole nation into a new plot of chartered course in the navigational realm of the whole wide world indeed.

But still, questions may arise: What will happen next?

As I can see it, the election canvassing can be a chartered course of practicing the workings of the law of land. Just as long as everybody did their part with earnestness, the success of one is the eventful success of the whole. Get Paid to Take Surveys