The Lost Filipino

Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


When today, the whole country is on the verge of accepting or not accepting the realistic view of a Charter Change, the President again is on hot waterbed in choosing the next National Defense Secretary replacing then DND Secretary Avelino Cruz Jr. who is being viewed by many as an anti-Charter Change paragon by the Opposition who on the other hand believed that there is a split of opinion inside the Cabinet entourage of the President.

I have had one knowledge of a Defense Secretary who is near to the hearts of the Masses: Ramon Magsaysay. If only those who will be qualified for the post will be basically selected from the pro-masses forte of then President Magsaysay, they could possibly achieve one last moment in time for the Philippines to achieve peace as a country. I believed that qualities like Magsaysay can bring out the best of the common tao to rise above their known pitfalls of governance.

President Arroyo today is again being tested of her choices, which is always the arena for the opposition to take hold of the reign of batches of intrigues that will be shewn to bring the Presidential office into a mud spluttered venue. I could not say evil against these oppositionists just as long as they oppose towards the betterment of the whole country and not to strangle the necks of those that they find unworthy to hold such a well-smirked position.

The National Security will be at stake when the President will not be able to choose a person who is unquestionably patriotic in character, with great sense of responsibility and a high regard for the Filipinos as a common brother in arms; even love the enemies of the State through peaceful means of negotiations and of course, not a happy trigger democratic demagogue who loves to see people suffering.

The DND Secretary high diplomatic sense of dignity and integrity will measure the success or failure of a Presidency. Dealing with fellow Filipinos who were enticed to join a rebellious movement will be high in the agenda of the next DND Secretary. He needs to know the pitfalls of the past anti-insurgency campaigns of the government and wil be able to devise a new futuristic and feasible means of quelling insurgency with no single shot heard from on top of the mountain. (This would mean that the next DND Secretary would never have compromised the sensitivity of his previous position nor have negotiated for naught the level of reliability that his superiors have accorded to him in the past).

The new DND Secretary will set the pace of a new anti-insurgency campaign with high sense of acceptance to both sides of the coin. His position would not trigger more uprising from among the common people but would inspire a new dimension of diplomatic negotiations between the government and the rebel forces without compromising the general perspective of the whole lot! This is a great responsibility that only a Magsaysay-like attributes can do, and I wish to see him that way too. Get Paid to Take Surveys