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Geopoet writes the realism of the political spectrum of the Philippines from the ground of the Filipino masses. It portrays the realistic views of the small people who felt they are wrought of mass poverty as a result of so much political squabbles and bickering both from the top and lowest echelon of their own government. This is their story...our own story and it starts now... Get Paid to Take Surveys

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Election time! A period of revival, reconnaissance patrol and convincing bruhaha and a lot more!

During the past few days that I have been observing the people in our place and the surmounting news highlights in both TV, radio broadcast, newspapers and of course, internet bearing these theme: ELECTION, HOSTAGE-TAKING, PARTY-LIST SELL OUT, KAMPI-LAKAS FEUD, INSURGENTS INTENSIFYING OFFENSIVES ETCETERA... are but the same common spotlights happening during these days.

Except of the threat of coup d’etat and boycott challenge, the Deal or No Deal hype has been the sounding brush to paint the political maneuvers of prominent political stalwarts not only in one province but also to some other provinces where a budding or if not, budded political dynasty is moving out to allow the arrow of propaganda pierce through the sights of the voters in general. It does not necessarily caught only the sights but also the ears of their voters and supporters.

The game is on! The domino effect of these philactic maneuvering is felt yet for the meantime as every one are very much busy formulating and reformulating their political strategies; even utilizing vote counts as obtained from the COMELEC, determining who will vote and who are not, family heads negotiated by political pawns, local officials being hounded with threats and cunning promises; government and non-government organization being lured in to solicit; black propagandist are trimming their voices so as not to “over-configurate” the opposite camp of their overload or download smears! Posters are all around! Word spelling is out of regard like “Standing ‘Tol or ko-Recto” are those mostly become by-words of commuters; and there a lot of other “gimmicks” that political candidates has been buying, paying, posting, smearing, cluttering, voicing and more, as among those descriptive verbs we can admittedly list down.

Sherlock is free again! Political agents roaming around barangays, towns/cities, and provinces to ignite issues of concern about incumbents and their accomplishments and what their candidates can offer when get elected. Political supporters are gearing towards “fighting-out stance” to insure their candidates will win the election; they don’t care about bad or good comments, their concentration is “HOW TO WIN?!”--- the task bluntly instructed to them by their political boss.

Money flows out of gallows! The turn-over of cash out from the counters of the banks is not only intermittently big but REALLY BIG! Cartoons of liquors of various brands from locally-produced “tuba” to factory manufactured liquors are among the festive purchasing commodities that have increased sales among small sari-sari stores or even both small-time and big-time groceries, malls and department stores. Other than that, T-shirts, pants, napkins, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, hats and pins are among the noted big sell-outs!.. and of course, cellphones! Thus, e-loads sales have increased in quadruple that even those in remote barangays are having one unit at their homes. Indeed, information technology is capping out the mountains of barriers and turning it into a free-flowing commodity where money can freely flow in and out from the pockets of moneybag men! Medicines as well and bags of rice, cartoons of noodles, sachets of coffee, shampoo, toothpaste and of course, pens and ballpens with names of candidates are swarming like bees from the sky.

On the other hand, motorcycles, tricycles, jeepneys, buses, motorboats, bicycles and other vehicles not mentioned like trucks and dumptrucks, payloaders and ten-wheeler trucks are all decorated with candidate smiling pictures. Moreso with farm sledges, threshers, and know what?...even carabaos, of yeah!!! Anything that can be of help to catch the eyes of the votes. Money-river is everflowing and checks or counter checks, just coming in to the veins of the consuming public as if the rain would never stop.

Now, who is holier than thou?

Well, as for me, I get confused of latest development in our little peaceful town of San Jose. Four of my friends are capping up their candidacy for Mayoralty race. Their political parties are feuding about who will be on the field and who will not. Councilorship choosing is as if a breakout glass on the floor. The show is vague to understand. Who among them would I choose?... Well, well... it’s my secret. I say my candidate through my ballot. See yahhh.... Get Paid to Take Surveys