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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What I believe is a real stateman? Is he working on his own or just working for the heck of his own intention?

Hey, I’m back again.

I was stouted by positive and wonderful vision that the President has said last 24th of July 2006 at the Plenary Hall of the Batasang Pambansa. Indeed, here we find a truthful leader who according to some have scripted her speech to the vanity of both her supporters and foes.

I was very meticulous about every word and statement that the speech writers of the President crafted a view whereon the whole venile Philippines can pursue and achieve the isthmus test of triumph and survive thereon from the rapacious and destructive venom of people whose aims are to push their own personal agenda to the detriment of the whole country.

President, I for one, make a commitment to you. Even in my small ways and means, I could help those dreams and visions you have. Even we in the smallest sector of our society, the poorest among the poor, will try to contribute in our small means share to your great vision. Truly, you are a daughter of a great President Diosdado Macapagal, who was the champion of my grandfather, Jovito Moreno Lopez, a WWII guerilla fighter of Camarines Norte under the Vinzons Command, USAFFE who have never and would never intend to claim payment of his services rendered in defending our country against the Japanese Occupation. Indeed great people bud from small beginnings.

Today, as I can see people trying to ruin the hard-earned Freedom and Liberty from vicious invaders, I can remember the simple words of my grandfather when I ask him the reason why he did not claim War benefits from the government, he said: “Pabayae sinda na magdaya sa sadire man sana ninda, bistado ko man sana ang karakter kan iba... pag-abot kan aldaw, ang mga klase kan mga tawong ini mababalad man sana, asin dakulang kasupganan ang naghahalat sainda...” (Let them cheat their own selves, I know their characters... someday the class of man they are will be revealed, and great shame awaits them).

Yes, it is true! The detractors are only celebrating their own triumphs but the day will come that what they’ve said to the people will come back their own downful. And the gripping agony of will will fiercely demute them.

I believe that a real stateman beams his vision with a cause and action that benefits not only a few but many. He studies first his own weaknesses and allow the circumstances of events mold him into a full man of conviction and faith believing that his action will be an embedding factor to be considered among his opponents. Whatever is the result of his action, wether it be good or bad, he respects the belief of others, and more so, he would not allow insistence of his own will stamp the views of others. He allows opposition for his own improvement, but determines a much wider scope of perspective as his opponents perceive them.

I also believe that a real opposition statemen merely fiscalize to maintain check and balance in governance. He considers good proposals as a view of right perspective; but works on his own will to augment or if not to better them. He would not allow truth to be stamped around, but gives a pathway of believing others. He considers himself a catalyst of change within a fulcrum of every change--- a veritable oppositionist that chattels goodness and have more faith in righteousness. A real opposition considers what he opposed to be a by-product and adds-on of his own righteous doings. He never believe until others make it happen; with a watchful eye and clear conscience, he will be his own witness.

Today, the country is making breakthroughs, from boxing match of Pacman and Asian Games feat, then to strategic change of political system up to the achievements of many by their own small ways and means. Even the people in the barangay are doing their part if only to make this country a progressive and prosperous one.

My dear countrymen, the time is now. Do not use your mouth to catapult a great change of heart of the people; use your own resources to assist, help and invigorate the change; don’t make yourself a dilemma for all and catapult your views and allow it to land to nowhere. The opportunity is bright and true!

To the righteous people, I salute you! Get Paid to Take Surveys