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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

First Family Corruption?...What is it?...

There had been a lot of madly/mudly issues shaking the foundation of our political system and as I have observed it, it is always the President and her Cabinet who suffers most of the consequences.

The opposition on the other hand, find time of slugging every bit of wrongdoings or rather corruptions that allegedly rocked the treasury or unbelievable transactions entered into by either member of the Arroyo Administration. All they see is corruptions and all manners of transactions!!!! Such a negative attitude demeans the whole political system (or should we say the Democratic System?).

Every wisdom is available to those who see them fit at a right time, right place and in right forum...but this right forum, usually coupled with mudslinging attitude to those who tries to campaign to deminish credibility. People are now confused to whom to believe. Everybody speaks of madness...ineptitude with one another...WE EVERYBODY, but we forget even to evaluate our own SELVES!!! We see others doing the bad things, but we forget the rightful way to prevent such things to happen, because, WE ARE MADLY EAGER TO WIN THE ATTENTION OF matter what is the consequence.

Anyway, no one is to be blamed with this kind of attitude... Everybody fails and everybody would want to win even a bit...just a bit...

First Family Corruption?...What is it?...

What represents the First Family?...You might have forgotten the general rule that whoever chooses the leader is the leaders themselves. Although Pres. Arroyo was elected as the Vice President of the Republic but since she is the rightful person who will replace the busted ESTRADA, still she represents every Filipino voters even those who did not vote for her during the election. MAJORITY RULES, ISN'T IT?

Many people thought that since they did not vote the person who is now holding the powers of governance, they are not liable to abide by such decision of the majority. That's why, not even those who were truly defeated during the elections accept the fact that they've lost the election. Pity...pity to these selfish people. They do not understand the wisdom of elections. They have been graduates of bigtime universities, but they failed the passing grades of the simple people who composed the majority because of the pride of their own selfishness.

Since from the very first time that I have casted my vote to every elections, I always respect the result...the clean result of elections. But, since then, I don't know when was the last time that clean and honest elections took place.

First Family Corruption?...everybody is corrupted with the pride and selfish ambitions of those people who do not love their own country. Even then, if they loved the country, why is it that it remains peacefully malnourished?
First Family Corruption?...What is it?...Is it not the reflection of our own folly? Well, I don't know much about it. But I believe somehow I was even part of it as I casted my vote to the winner or the loser of any elections before!...and my simple mind only remind me of such folly committed by everyone, including me.

I'm sorry...I hope everybody do the same. But it is even more folly when no one seats the leadership of the nation. It is better to have one corrupt official who could easily be checked thru the legal system than no one at all qualified to hold the power of governance. I'm sorry for those "perfectionists" or critics of the government, you too is the very fiber of such corruption. Get Paid to Take Surveys