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Monday, June 25, 2007

14th Congress is on Session, what is the first Agenda: How much or how many?

One of the things that I’ve learned from the past is that after the election, the people certainly suffer the consequences of their vote! These things may or may not happen during the first session of the 14th Congress when called to order. There were will be discussions on “HOW MUCH” and “HOW MANY”.


How much money was owed and how much will capably be paid;
How much money is remaining in the coffer and how is it going to be dispensed with after the 45-days election period;
How much is going to be allotted for travel abroad and how much is going to be allocated for the pork barrel;
How much money can be available for the people and how much to get out of it;
How much money is allocated for basic social services and how many will it be converted during the next election;


There is going to be a synchronized Sangguniang Kabataan and Barangay Elections come this October 29, 2007 and this would likely include these following inquiries:

How many Barangay already exist throughout the Philippines? (I learned that there are more or less 37,500);
How many SK and Barangay Officials are pro-administration and how many are not?
How many towns and provinces have already been assisted with infrastructure projects and how many percent would it make if National Elections will be conducted today?
How many departments of the National Government that contributed a plus-factor during the elections? (Ask NEDA about it, I’m sure they know)
How many of the youth today will vote in 2010?

Surely, one of these ten will not miss to the hidden agenda among political bigwigs. Of course, I did not include National Security matters as well as the whole educational institution because many of the Congressmen and Senators believed that their legislations were enough to quell insurrection or coup d’etat nor derail the so-called declining educational system in the Philippines. Besides the overwhelming budget allocated for education last year I believed has not been given fully because, up to now, there is that increasing number of professional teachers who are still out of job, or when in of job, they are locally-funded by local government units whose funds might as well get 5% or 10% deduction for the national government to get on going.

Allow me to take up a little bit about National Security. Recent news and developments have indicated that there is a new alignment in both Houses of Congress in electing the House Speaker and Senate President, respectively. The said delicate task of selection is up on the hands of the truly-elected and fake-elected Congressmen and Senators, if you may allow me the use of these adjectival phrases. This has bearing over the silent increase of petroleum products and basic commodities without alarming the people of shrewdness. The news about the peso-appreciation has converted the people into passive survivors of the ever-continuing tricks on the part of business sector. On the other hand, those businessmen engaged in exporting business have been clamoring the National Government to at least forestall the continuing appreciation of peso, demanding that they should be given a leeway to at least earn their income. These are the multinational companies who continually raping the Philippine economy and raking big income from their exporting business for the past decades; and now, they would like the government to control the appreciation of peso?

How these crooks have made use of their money to threaten the government of such an abusive insight. Hey, let me tell you, the Filipino people have already been burdened by you by more than a lot! Could you give us a day of rest?

Another issue is the climbing insurgency situation in the country today. The communist insurgents are trying to catch an eye from the public thru a series of atrocities making the AFP on red alert again! News also has it that the AFP is going to donate certain number of high-powered firearms to the PNP. These firearms were reportedly amassed from the series of counteraction against the insurgents. Well, for all you know, those are the loose arms sweltered out of the arms bodega of the AFP or taken by the insurgents during attacks, whichever is applicably correct.

On the other side of the coin, the Education department has recently released news items that the Department of Education is presently in dire need of Professional teachers who are graduates of English, Science and Math majors. For all you know, there has been a high influx of professional teachers vying for such a position. However, the good people in the department would not allow these teachers to come into their own fold because they would likely offer the position to their nearest kin or close friends. Nepotism indeed is a cancer within the framework of education and it has lived on!

I’d like to take on also media. For quite sometime already, media people has been hyping the last election as if agitating the whole nation into an uprising! Their sensationalized reporting has triggered a new wave of indifferences in the guise of truth and free press. Some of them are irresponsibly reporting based on intrigues or heresies, just like in the movie industry. Of course, they are paid to do it and if not all, Filipinos has been living within the spell of this movie industry. Everybody does!

By the way, what’s the agenda again...I’m quite lost in the swarm of ideas and events that entangled through my mind… I just can’t hold it any more. I need to swarm them in my blog. Get Paid to Take Surveys