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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Election Fraud Scenarios: A Painful Birth of a New-Old Nation

In military tactical offensive, there is a common jargon which says: “The more that you delay the offensive stance of the enemy, the more that you can maneuver the striking force.” This is what I thought the KNP is doing while their other cohorts are trying to paint and repaint a scenario in both the national and provincial scenes that FPJ actually won the election. Besides the KNP’s valiant senators and congressmen are maneuvering the “NO PROCLAMATION” scenario in Congress, all other petty officers and gentlemen is trying to enflame the mass of people to go out and cry their sentiments in favor of FPJ.

Wow! This is like a movie in the making!

Well, in my own simple mind, I could say that these things happened because a lot of the people would really like it. These scenarios, painted or unpainted, draw a lot of eyes on to the canvassing of the Congress as a National Canvassing Board, including even the whole community of nations. The Philippines, I believe is now in the spotlight again!

After the 1986 People Power Revolution which dragged the whole nation into a squandary, and even to a near civil war scenario, and then later, the unifying charisma of Cory Aquino has brought a newborn nation! It was as if a painful birth has gone awry.

After Cory Aquino went through and survived many attempts of coup d’etat, of course, with the help of her valiant Secretary of Defense, Fidel V. Ramos, a new nation was brought to a new beginning, a new hope for the best!

I thought, it was a new beginning for us in a new Philippines!... But, regret it to say, it was not!

FVR was made an awesome president with merely 23% win of the total voting citizens. A minority President as he was oftenly referred to. During his tenure of office, a lot of changes was made in the bureaucracy. Old crocodiles were shook off from their posted haven, and eventually were driven out of office. The accomplishments of the Ramos administration of cleansing the core of government bureaucracy was never a publicized accomplishment but a silent bean of hope being planted to make the government run like the best of the other nation’s been doing. I have this faith in FVR who once again magnetized the whole quarreling nation into one unified people with one spirit and one soul.

ERAP ESTRADA was the people’s choice. The masses were convinced that he is for the poor masses. Everybody was made to believe that he really is... even today, you could feel that stigmatic influence among the poor people as indicated by the mass of support on FPJ, a close friend of ERAP. Only few, knew the dark clouds of the past about these two man of the people.

Hey, I have this buzz...Who knew about the BIG 4 syndicate? Well, I don’t have to elaborate more about these, because when I do, I have to scour the whole pile of newspapers in the national library to find one which contains the crimes they’ve done against society; I remember my old friend who died many years ago who told me about these stories. He used to used to refer ERAP and FPJ as the alleged masters of this syndicate. I don’t really know.

Anyway, when ERAP held the reigns of government, some of my friends who have friends who were former PSGs said that Pres. Estrada is somewhat an arrogant but delightful leader who usually escaped from the eyes of his security escorts just to visit certain secret friends. He went out off Malacañang with no escorts. While all of the PSGs were turning the whole city upside down in looking for him, some of his “friends” who served as his advisers were enjoying the “reign” with so much privilege and favor plate at their breasts. My friend even said: "It’d cost only a call to find one stupid guy who believed that he is still a young philandering man..." my friend usually chuckled when we had a short talk. "But he is good", he added.

With ERAP’s who was very busy visiting some friends in the casino or secret hangouts, some of his generals were taking the hue! They observed that the President is not capable of running the government as it used to be with FVR. Well, they know that FVR was an excellent strategist. He made up things before it really happens.

“What EDSA DOS? Really?...”, these were the words I uttered when one of my neighbors told me the events happening in Manila. The “last envelope” was not allowed by the Senate to be opened; the people, in an uproar, to hear the truth went to the streets shouting their sentiments against the government of Estrada. They want him booted out of Malacañang!..which they did! A soft surrender before bloodshed was opted by Estrada. Off he went out of the backdoor of Malacañang on to a navy ship to a place nobody knew but his escorts...GLORIA was proclaimed the new President by the People’s Power authority!

2004 Election was reported to be full of election fraud. The opposition kept on insisting to the general public that there was fraud!...fraud!....fraud!... But when asked to show evidence, they were not able to show one.

Today, the GLORIA administration is being rocked with so much criticisms roundabout. Even the "little" people would ask: “What kind of government is this?” Well, they don’t know the workings within the spectrum of government bureaucracy, but they know the basic principle that when leaders are chosen by the majority of people, they would likely respect such a noble decision. But, the KNP would not heed. They have their own interest. They have their own agenda.

In some quarters of the elite haven, they would not want FPJ as the President; but, in many farflung quarters of the common people, they dreamed of FPJ as president. What a tremendous contrast, it would be. While these poor people are dreaming of FPJ to be president of the nation, even if they heard a lot of bad things about him, they are firm in deciding that FPJ deserved to be president. Why?...I asked them and they vehemently answered: “...because when wiser people are reigning, a lot of poor and very poor people are suffering; and we believe that whoever is holding the reign of government, they would certainly be corrupt still. Actually, not one of those running this government is qualified to meet our meager needs. So that, when FPJ fails to attain our dream of a good nation with him as the president, so be it! We don't care, we all suffer, including the rich people..."

Hey, is he telling the truth?! I was amazed about the thought of this simple people. That’s what they thought it would be? Everybody suffers the consequences of a bad decision; and it is going on now. We don't know when it will eventually end.

As I can observe, the GLORIA government today is very lenient as to the madic attacks of the opposition; I know in my level of understanding, that GLORIA would not want to go down to the level of angered enticings of the opposition. Well, that’s right. A good leader with a good heart for the whole nation should not and must not succumb to the demands of her unworthy enemies. If she would do it, the whole mad mad world will turn down to ashes and the fear of civil war scenario is not remote to happen in a few days.

Well, am I dreaming?...No, I hope not. I wish it not...Oh no, I'm now confused. Sigh... the Filipino people is charting again a new ship... a navigation to nowhere... but with an eloquent mother like President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the children will play on in the playground and will enjoy the future as others wanted it not to be.

Sigh...after this bad bad dream, I know, a new birth of a new-old nation will come to rise again for a new sunshine of hope. Get Paid to Take Surveys