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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Leadership’s wise yielding to the truths open up new avenue for shaky reforms within the core of bureaucratic governance

A tricky trek may lead to the lane of crisis!

As I have been trying to comprehend the economic situation of our country today, it seems that a shaky remnant of 1986 People Power Revolution is still on the loose of tracking down the guilty vanguards of the State who are continuously crooking the river stream of the National Treasury and hideously withdrawing funds in cahoots with some greedy political stalwarts who provide the venue of secret deals and combinations using their all-around the world syndicated connections.

One thing that I have been wondering of is that hardly passing of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 (RA 9160) which very light seems to be clouded by the unusual appropriation of Php25M for the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). Even the law itself can be means of straying away the money of the government. I am not a law expert but I can imagine the conditions and situations where and when the law itself can be the source of the big budget problem.

One thing that keeps on tagging me is my wandering mind. I was imagining the bulk of money being laundered by the highly respected officers of the AFP and the seems-to-be adamant stand-off situation wherein the same will be tapped to be a star witness to a case against a John Doe!

Funny is it?

Yeah... I would prefer to say a simple yes for I am a simple man with a simple mind. I can lend you my trust or even give it. But not all the times that the same trust as I have had the last day we have talked will be the same nature of trust today. Oftentimes, people given with the full confidence of sort, usually or frequently, abuse such trust thinking that the people who trusted him, have the same thought as he would be when they exchange places.

Anyway, let us continue the story.

Latest development showed that a senator (of course I don’t have to mention her name) accused the military leadership of syndicated corruption headed allegedly by AFP Chief of Staff and 11 of his generals which she referred to as “GANG OF 12”. What?... Does the senator knew before hand what really is happening around the military establishment? Oh come on... I don’t think she could be able to unearth such alleged unscrupulous secret deals and combination without someone within the under grounds of such syndicate.

Hmmmm... I smell fishy on this thing!

Anyway, how much money was not shared to the person who informed the Senator about this Gang, and how much volume of information can be unearthed out of this mess, it’s not my problem. But, in a little way, I could say that I could have been a bit affected on this thing because I was once employed with the AFP and spent more than ten years as an “emergency employee” or let us say “casual”. And as I was working, I could smell a rotten fish burning within the empty bowl. Of course, it was my observation that’s why I decided to go out of the military establishment and enjoy my life in a rotten poor condition as I am today. I never blame my superiors nor my co-workers in the government. But certainly I blame the people who belongs to the higher echelon of government who’ve done all of these corruptions!

I believe that there are few good people in this battered AFP institution. This few good people are crawling their way out and trying to establish an institution of reformation at which they themselves would like to erect to save the face of the AFP. They worked silently at pace with every beat of situations and conditions particularly in the political settings. When politics enter into their stream, corruption begins. But how could they be able to set aside politics while in their own ranks, the journey of political streams is as the wind on stormy seas?

I would love to discuss more of these things, but it seems that the more we delve on these topics, the more the many people will be confused.

I’d like to discuss the attitude of our politicians. You see... when they discover something of issue for national interest, everybody ride on it no matter will be the consequences of their own actions. Basically, I can observe that when they saw that certain issue can sell them out to the public for public interest, their tendency is to ride on with it. All others will follow suit and all that they have discovered, they are the ones who are lumping their ownselves to the mud. People believes and people disbelieves. This is the situation. Everybody blames everybody. Of course, it includes me.

Today, as I lay down my thoughts on these things, I could only imagine the events in the future when leaders are the ones who will yield to every situation at hand. However, I suppose that when they yield to every truths uncovered, I could say that hope is all around. It takes a woman to clean up the household.

It is only my fervent hope and trust that the Arroyo Administration today, just like the legacy of the Macapagal Administration during the times of my grandold parents, will live up to where I was... to where I could have been... to where my children and grandchildren could be in the future.

I know that this is the trying times for a Filipino to stand up alone beside my President. I too would love to share the legacy that she promised to attain and it is promising to note that every Filipino deserve it! Get Paid to Take Surveys